Wednesday, March 20, 2013


One of the things I love about hanging out with creative people is...creativity!  So I've come up with a contest that will allow you to dig into your creative resources and strut your stuff.

Here's the skinny:

  • In celebration of MSFV's 5th birthday, you are invited to submit A CREATIVE GIFT, MADE BY YOU.  All gifts must be related to AUTHORESS or THE BLOG in some way.
  • Once you've made your gift, email it to me at facelesswords(at)  Attachments are acceptable.  
  • Important:  Please put AUTHORESS BIRTHDAY GIFT in the subject line.
  • The deadline is midnight EDT on April 3.  Any submissions received after this date will be disqualified.
  • I will look at EVERY SINGLE ENTRY and decide which my favorites are.  The winners will be posted on the blog...and will receive prizes. 

Here are some ideas:
  • A poem about Authoress/the blog
  • A picture of what you think Authoress looks like (holy crap, this is a scary one)
  • A short story about Authoress/the blog
  • A song that you've written about Authoress
  • A fake author web page for Authoress
You get the idea!  Mainly, I'm looking for UNIQUE, CREATIVE gifts, either serious or funny.  I'm giving you heads up now so that you'll have a couple weeks to work on your creation.

Please, nothing inappropriate.  (You know. No nekkid people, no corpses, no close-up pictures of your armpits...)

I'll announce winners during the week of April 15.  Which is extra fun, because it's the week before my REAL birthday!

Sound good? I'm excited to see what you come up with!


  1. Awww, but I tattooed MSFV on my armpit!

  2. What is your favorite color? *plots*

  3. LOL -- Fair enough! Pink. Ballet pink, though -- not hot pink!

  4. Future Biography
    Anya Authroress was born under a harvest moon at Yale General Hospital and grew up in the Northeastern United States.
    Anne went to Harvard, where she earned a Degree in Classics with honors. After graduation, at the urging over her faculty mentor, she moved to the south of France. In France she taught Creative Writing as a visiting scholar helping hundreds of aspiring authors find their inner muse. With deep regret she left France to follow her dreams of writing great novels. Her first novel The Sacred Doodlefart was completed nine months after returning to the U.S. The book was first published by Scholastic Books in June 2013, under the name A.K. Authoress. The “K”, for Katya, a friends grandmother’s name was added at her publisher’s request who thought that a woman’s name would not appeal to the target audience demographic of 18-35 year old men. That first novel 'The Sacred Doodlefart' has gone on to set numerous best selling Science Fiction records and Won the Nebula award.
    The second title in the series, 'The Holy Candoodle', was published in July the following year and was No. 1 in the adult hardback bestseller charts for a month after publication. And of course the author has promised move Doodlefart books are forthcoming to eager fans...

  5. Authoress,

    Just saw your comment that says the contest isn't open yet. I can't see an opening date on the original post.

    When does it open?

    I emailed something last week, should I re-send?

  6. K Callard -- You can send any time. Deadline is April 3. I did not receive an email from you -- did you send it to my facelesswords account?

    Angry Gamer -- Please email your entry. I won't be checking the comment box for entries!

  7. I just found it in my spam box!!

  8. Thanks, Authoress!