Thursday, March 28, 2013

Blog Birthday Stuff -- Prizes! Submissions! Deadlines!

The 5-years-of-MSFV celebration is ramping up!  Here's the latest on what's been going on so far:

1.  Submissions for the FAKE LOGLINE CONTEST are open from 8 am EDT today to 8 am EDT tomorrow.

  • Read about crafting loglines HERE.
  • Follow the submission guidelines HERE.
  • PRIZES:  A collection of query and first-chapter critiques from MSFV success story authors.  (And one very special Browncoat prize.)
2.  The deadline for the CREATE A GIFT FOR AUTHORESS CONTEST is April 3.  (I've gotten some cool entries!)
  • Read the guidelines HERE.
  • PRIZES:  First prize is a 3-chapter critique from Authoress ($70 value via Authoress Edits).  Second prize is a 1-chapter critique from Authoress.  And there will be other goodies.  I'm working on it.
3.  April 4 is the blog's actual birthday.  Look for a detailed MSFV RETROSPECTIVE on this day!

4.  There's EVEN MORE FUN scheduled for the second week of April!  But I'll keep you in the dark for now. Because, naturally, I'm going to milk this thing. 

Questions below!  I am so looking forward to reading your FAKE LOGLINE ENTRIES.  And receiving your birthday creations.  And...everything!


  1. Fun! Love fake contests! It releases my creativity.

  2. Sorry but you really are milking this and it makes you look silly. A gift for you, a logline about you etc....I mean, come;ve gone downa few notches with a case of "I" strain.

  3. It's the blog's birthday; hence the focus on the blog and its content.

    You don't have to play if you don't want to. :)

  4. I made a comment earlier, I suggested that we do Outline Sheets next.

    Personally, I like the contests that are about The Great and Powerful Authoress.

    [THERE - Someone do a log line that riffs on the Oz movie... but it's the Authoress that fights the wicked warlocks and finds true love]

    I don't know if this IS intended by Authoress, but creativity is never (in my experience) about the set pieces of character, scene and plot. It _is_ about the composition of the elements in a __new__ and unique way.

    Authoress', contests help me to exercise my creative organ in new unique ways. And I for one welcome our new Authoress Overlords and thank them for the opportunity to serve.

    [SEE there's another one]

    [And another one - Authoress: the Fonbin Project... New computer system controls the Word Processors of all writers the world over controlling all fiction and chic lit. A voice comes from MS Word installations sounding like Bill Gates in drag ... "This is the Voice of Plot Control"]

  5. LOVE the fun contests celebrating this fabulous blog! The contests, of course, are educational and good for us in a sneaky but positive way. I've been so busy I haven't had time to do much, but as a person who actually loves doing loglines as long as they're not for HER projects, I woke up with one stuck in my head this morning and got in before the thankfully extended deadline. Can't wait to see what your crazy writers come up with in these crazy contests!