Friday, March 29, 2013

Friday Fricassee

Last Friday of March!  (Who, me? SICK TO DEATH OF WINTER?)

So we've ended up with only 33 entries in the FAKE LOGLINE contest.  YOU GUYS!  You must all hate loglines as much as I do!

But seriously.  I want to give those of you who might've been hesitating outside the door a chance to enter.  So I've extended the submission window to 2 pm EDT today.  Just in case.

Because, really.  It's a great way to practice a logline that doesn't actually count, AND there are lots of critiques to give away!  So if you were teetering on the edge of indecision yesterday, now's your chance.

Enter here.

As for the rest of this Fricassee?  Let's share some fun dreams.  If you're like most authors (whether we'll admit it or not), you sometimes imagine what your novel would look like on the big screen.  You see scenes unfold in your mind, complete with special effects and an awesome soundtrack.

So...who do you see in your lead roles?  Who's going to write your soundtrack?  What other Amazing Things do you foresee for your box office smash?

I'm not big on dreaming up actors.  I see my characters as -- well, themselves.  But I must confess that I've always imagined the villain in my MG fantasy as Johnny Depp.  (No, stop it.  I'm serious.)  I don't think he'd want the role, because it's not big enough (he's offscreen for much of the story), but I think he'd be perfect.  (Because my villain is quite handsome.  And, well.  Johnny Depp.)

I'm much more interested in the soundtrack (being a musician and all).  My top choices?  Hans Zimmer.  Thomas Newman.  Rachel Portman.  Howard Shore.

To name a few.

What are your dreams?  Share! It's always okay to dream big.


  1. I'm a musician too, Authoress! (Instant fwiends? :3 ) Yeah, the score is probably the most important part. I do love Howard Shore, but Nicholas Hooper is awesome too! Way too many to choose from! Coincidentally, I only have my villain planned--Ed Westwick. With his native accent, of course.

  2. This is easy casting...

    Female Lead - Jennifer Lawrence (and yes she has a bow and knows how to use it)
    Male Lead - Leonardo DiCaprio

    Bad Guy - Robert Downey, Jr.

    Of course good luck getting THIS deal put together after Jenny's Silver Linings Oscar.

  3. I love imagining stuff like this. I don't know why it's so fun, but yeah.

    Villain - Craig Parker
    Heroine - currently undiscovered brilliant actress
    Hero - Zac Efron

    Music by Klaus Badelt

  4. I write MG, so I can't think of anyone for the main roles in mine, but I would totally want Susan Sarandon to play the Empress (villainess) in my current WIP.

    And, before I trunked it, I would've cast Nathan Fillion as the bad guy in my last MG.

  5. Just gotta say I'm super-excited about the fake logline contest!!!

    Also, I'd get nigahiga (google him! Asian-American youtuber!) to play the superhero in my murdering-the-author story. We need more Asian-American superheroes! And Jayden Smith for Jace, the guy who saves the heroes in the end. = )

  6. My MG zombie book would be a cool movie. The MC and her boy crush are running from a covert govt. agency with an evil director. She would be played by Nicole Kidman (evil personified), the boy crush could be any cute 13yo boy who looks like a zombie (make-up!)and the MC who is a witch could be any 13yo geeky looking girl, think Emma Watson when she was in the first HP movie. Music would be by Maroon 5 because Adam Levine needs to meet me and become my BFF.

  7. I always cast my books before I write them. Sometimes the actors are well known, more often that not they're nameless models in some website portfolio somewhere. But it brings them to life for me. And then . . .

    I post the pictures on my FB author page, get name suggestions from friends/fans, and the person who suggests the winning name gets CHOCOLATE.

    Win-win-win (because chocolate = two wins).

  8. Soundtrack = Michael Giacchino because I love everything he's done.

    Can I please get Joss Whedon to direct?

    But I'm horrible at other casting because I know so few actor/actresses! Hm... let me think

    Great, now I can't stop figuring this out! Thank you Google and IMDB

    I think Eden Sher has the kind of look I would want for the MC
    Graham Rogers for the MC's bf (who unfortunately dies almost immediately)
    Steven R. McQueen for the antagonist
    Elizabeth Mitchell for the villain
    Nathan Fillion for the MC's father
    and Isabella Acres has the right look for the antagonist's sister (except she's a little too young)

    That was way too much fun!

  9. I constantly fantasize that my favorite band, without whose music my books would not be the same, will find my published series one day and become fans of it. I think I would die of happiness.

  10. I write Middle Grade novels, and from the moment I begin writing I have actors in mind. I would love to see John Cleese in the role of my absent minded aristocrat father of my MC. I would love Robert Zemekis to direct it.

  11. I am heart broken because the character that becomes one of the lead characters' protector and confidant, I saw him as Michael Clark Duncan. He was my gentle giant character, Von (bad guy turned good guy).

  12. Honestly, I know so little about who's 'hot' and who's 'not' these days I can't even answer the question!

  13. Picking models for my characters is one of my favorite parts of my pre-writing proccess. And finding inspirational music. So here goes.
    Main characters: Jessica Brown Findlay (although she's a little too old) and Christian Bale.
    Antagonist: Bryce Dallas Howards
    The soundtrack would be done by Hans Zimmer or James Newton Howard.