Friday, August 16, 2013

Friday Fricassee

Oh, the pressure of being informative or entertaining or witty or somewhat interesting when I only have a few, precious minutes to write this!

Here you go:

1.  Next week, we are having a Baker's Dozen Blitz.  Reason?  Spread the word, drum up enthusiasm, get our collective butts in gear (are you working on your logline? is your manuscript agent-ready?).  Everyone who has a blog, website, Twitter account, or Facebook account can join in.  At the end, there will be a prize or two.  Details on Monday.

2.  Other than the blitz, the blog will be light next week (no crits or anything).  I need a window to dig into the Baker's Dozen prep work (which is copious).

3.  May I just say I'M SO EXCITED!  I'm experiencing a convergent of critique wonderfulness from my CPs, and it's really helping me to formulate a clear vision for the next draft.  I love when things time this way (you can't plan this sort of thing).  And to add fun and terror to the mix, Jodi has been sending me her notes piecemeal; so it's almost like watching her read my story.

Okay, just thinking about that makes my stomach curl in on itself.

Anyway, the icing on all this is that my darling Mr. A is reading, too (at the same time as everyone else--who knew it was possible!), and he has promised to be finished by Sunday.  All this to say: I'm in full whip-this-baby-into-shape mode, so if I'm less than visible over the next couple of weeks, that is why.  (I promised Josh I'd deliver it in September.  I always keep my promises.)

That's it!  And I'm off.  Have a glorious weekend!


  1. Mr. A is adorable for reading!

    And wait? Baker's Dozen? Crudnuggets, already??? What happened to the first half of the year?

  2. Yay for great CPs, and good luck with your revisions! :-)

  3. I finished today! So you have them all. Xoxo