Monday, August 12, 2013

Secret Agent Unveiled: Catherine Drayton

Many thanks to this week's illustrious Secret Agent, Catherine Drayton of Inkwell Management.

Catherine's Bio:

Catherine Drayton , a graduate of the University of Sydney Law School, began her working life as a litigation lawyer specializing in copyright and libel law at a major international law firm based in Australia. But her first love was always literature and in 1998, after a brief stint as a literary scout, she joined Richard Pine at Arthur Pine Associates which subsequently became InkWell. Over the past fourteen years, she has represented critically acclaimed and bestselling authors of books for children, young adults and women readers. Her clients include Markus Zusak, Beth Hoffman, Becca Fitzpatrick, John Flanagan, Cath Crowley, Joshua Cohen, Andrew Fukuda, Katy Longshore, Craig Silvey, Tara Hudson, Nathan Bransford and Karen Foxlee.

What she's looking for right now:

"I’m always looking for stunning realistic fiction with a memorable voice especially in the zone between adult and young adult which has always been a sweet spot for me. Also I’d like to find a great popular fantasy with relatable characters, a strong visual element and the potential to develop into a successful series."

Winners forthcoming!


  1. Thank you Ms. Drayton for your time and insight. I enjoyed reading all of your comments and appreciate the suggestions and encouragement you offered.

    I also would like to thank Authoress for the opportunity to participate in such a wonderful contest. I have learned a great deal and had a blast!

  2. Thank you for graciously donating your time. Although I don't agree with all your opinions, I respect you for giving them.

  3. Ms. Drayton,
    Thanks for your time and insight. It's a rare opportunity for us aspiring authors to receive feedback from someone with such experience.

    You're awesome. Thanks.

    K.D. Atkins

  4. Thank you for taking the time to take part in this contest, and especially for taking time out to provide feedback for everyone's entry.

  5. Thank you Ms. Drayton for your time and energy and especially for the valuable feedback you provided on our first pages. I truly appreciate it.

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