Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Refreshed, Returned, Reengaged

Sometimes vacations leave us feeling more tired than we were before we left.  Sometimes we come home utterly unready to face real life again, because we never completely unplugged while we were away.

And sometimes a vacation leaves us so refreshed that, days after our arrival home, we're still completely chill.

That last example?  That's me.  Unbelievable but true.

A perfect mixture of hanging-with-parents time, visits with special friends, and a Perfectly Romantic Getaway With My Awesome Husband has been the big gift of my summer, leaving me feeling more human and less stressed.

And of course, there's the ocean, for which I pine endlessly if I don't get a taste of it each year.  (And I don't; not every year.)  Curling my toes into the wet sand at the edge of the Atlantic was what my brain, my heart, my soul needed.

The decision to leave a day early in order to beat some heavy rain left us the added pleasure of having time to visit my dear Jodi Meadows, after all.  Fortunately, I had a moment of Utter Clever and remembered to throw my copy of Asunder into my bag so that Jodi could sign it.

Yes, that's me--the white blob.  (Sigh.)  Jodi sported the I-bought-you-this-Batman-tee-shirt-even-though-I-hate-Batman shirt because she loves me.  Or because she loves Batman.  Probably both.  And she signed the book with a wonderful, sparkly-gold gel pen.

As always, I'm proud of her.  And so thankful I got to eat pizza with her.  (She stole the check while we weren't looking and paid for the meal. I am still plotting my pay-back.)

After some long-overdue time with my (beloved, irreplaceable, live-too-far-away) parents, Mr. A and I headed to Our Favorite Place and spent 3 nights in the most incredible Bed and Breakfast we've yet experienced.  Glorious food, ocean, lots of walking, ocean, daily wine and cheese at the B&B, ocean, precious time with my husband, ocean.  

Yes.  Ocean.  I should probably live beside it.

It's funny; I didn't ask Mr. A to take an "Authoress picture".  He just snapped this photo, and when I saw it I realized it was a perfect Authoress-in-a-hat picture.  So there you have it.

Did I mention the food?  We mostly go easy (plus breakfast is included at the B&B), but we did have one special night out to celebrate our anniversary.  I am an unabashed foodie--one of my if-I'm-ever-independently-wealthy dreams is to hire a personal chef.  (Forget expensive cars and world travel--I want someone to COOK AMAZING FOOD FOR ME.)

(That's fresh mozzerella, tomatoes, and roasted pepper, drizzled with olive oil and balsamic and garnished with basil.  In case you were wondering.)

So, yes, I unplugged.  So completely, in fact, that I neither wrote nor thought about writing.  I brought a planning notebook, just in case--it stayed in my bag.  I received edits from one of my readers--I ignored them.  

And now it's time to BE A WRITER AGAIN.  I've already dug into the notes from my My Most Ferocious Critique Partner (you know who you are!) and am in the middle of two editing projects (yes, dear clients, the queue is moving forward once again).  I'm ramping up for Baker's Dozen prep, and I'm bracing myself for all the craziness that will ensue.  (It's all good!)

In short, I'm glad to be back.

We'll have two more Secret Agent contests before the end of the year (September and October), but mostly we'll be working on loglines and doing all the Things for the Baker's Dozen.  I'm going to be asking you to officially spread the word about the auction, and there will be a prize.  So keep polishing your work and keep your eye out for the advent of crazy.

Questions about the Baker's Dozen?  About anything?  Post below!'s great to see you again.  Truly!


  1. Yay for being a writer again. Welcome back. And that's a PERFECT Authoress picture. I love it!

  2. Welcome back!! Good for you for unplugging and rejuvenating....I share your love for the beach. The hat pic is beautiful!

  3. Oh, you make me envious! And hopefully inspired to get my butt in gear. I'm looking forward to logline posts. Lots and lots of logline posts. This is my year. I can feel it. :)

  4. I know what you mean about coming back from vacation refreshed and smiling. Mine wasn't really a vacation---it was a three-day Anime convention with my DD---but we had so much fun! Took loads of pics and she has two autographs from well-known voice actors for souvenirs. We should do this again next year, you know? Totally worth it.

  5. This sounds like a great trip. Love the hat!

  6. Welcome back, and I'm glad you had such a great time! (Wishing I was at the ocean right now)

  7. Way to go! Welcome back to this world.

  8. Welcome back. I missed your sweet cheerful voice.

  9. I can't believe Bakers Dozen season is approaching. Well, sure it's a few months away yet. Looking forward to promoting it!