Thursday, August 22, 2013

Our 3rd Critique Partner Dating Service

It's a little overdue (I originally meant to run this in July), but here it is once again--an opportunity for you to connect with new critique partners.


Here's the disclaimer:  Finding good critique partners really is like finding good life partners.  Just because you both write fantasy or you've both been writing for exactly three years or your first names both begin with "N" doesn't mean you're going to be a good fit.  Relationship is a huge part of this, in addition to artistic vision and the ability to "get" each other's work.

So keep in mind that, as you seek people to swap work with, things may or may not work out, and that's okay.  What I'm offering you here is a springboard; a chance to get your name and your needs out there in the hope that you may click with someone.

  • Starting at NOON EDT TODAY, the bot will accept your Dating Service Entry.  The submission window will remain open for 24 hours.
  • Submit your entry HERE.
  • Up to 100 entries will be accepted.  Even if we only get 2 entries, though, I will still post them.
  • Please format your entry EXACTLY as outlined below, for ease of browsing.  Please note that the word count for these entries will be limited to 100.  
TITLE: (Put your screen name OR your first name here; NOT a title. Full name NOT NECESSARY)
GENRE: (list ALL genres that you write)

Then, in the body of the submission:

EMAIL: (PLEASE use (at) instead of "@"!! Like this: Authoress(at)

I'm working on my {1st/2nd/47th} novel.

{And here's your "pitch about me" -- a sentence or two that will express who you are and what your goals/dreams are.}
  • All entries will post on Tuesday, August 27.  You may browse the entries and contact anyone who seems like a potential match.
  • YOU ARE NOT OBLIGATED TO CRITIQUE THE WORK OF SOMEBODY WHO CONTACTS YOU.  NEITHER IS ANYONE OBLIGATED TO CRITIQUE YOUR WORK SIMPLY BECAUSE YOU CONTACTED HIM.  This is simply a jumpstart to creating new friendships that could potentially become critique partnerships.
  • I will remove the entries after one week.  Simply because I don't think it's wise to keep this information up for longer than that.
To clarify the above, here is a sample entry:

TITLE: Authoress

EMAIL: Authoressmail(at)

I am working on my eighth novel.

I'm agented by the fabulous Josh Getzler and I'm addicted to Twitter.  I'm a grammar nazi and my critiquing strengths lie in sentence structure, clarity, and dialogue. 

(You can write whatever you want about yourself.  Not to "sell" yourself, but to give a glimpse of who you are and where you're at in your journey.)

Please ask your questions below!


  1. Two hours to write this up, then...

    Uh. Should I put down the number I've written, or the number I actually count? Because I learn by doing, and I learn by doing a *lot* very, very badly. And while I have some things I'm proud of, there are seven or eight finished 90,000 word pieces of excrement that should never be mentioned again.

  2. That's up to you. :) Write whatever you feel best gives the reader an idea of where you're at in your writerly journey.

  3. What a marvelous idea! Thank you!

  4. First off, thank you so much for doing this! Second, I totally forgot to put my email address in my entry form. What should I do? Sorry! :/ Thanks!

  5. Margit--After they've all posted, email me with your post number and I will add your email address. :)

  6. I chickened out last time, but I'm gathering my courage for this round. (Looking for a CP reminds me why I'm glad to be past the dating stage of life!)

    Thanks, Authoress, for the opportunity.

  7. This is such a great service. I found a fabulous critique partner (and friend) through your last round. Thanks, Authoress for yet another way you're helping to make all of us better writers!

  8. Authoress: I am deeply appreciative of this opportunity. You are the best!

  9. That was a very interesting article. Best regards and go on with this blog.