Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Secret Agent Critique Guidelines

It's actually been quite a while since we've had a Secret Agent Contest!  We've picked up a lot of new readers lately (*waves to new readers*), so here's a quick overview:

  • Once the 50 entries have posted, all readers may leave critique in the comment box of each entry.  
  • While the critiquing is going on, our Secret Agent will appear and also leave feedback--for ALL 50 ENTRIES!  This is great not only for the folks who entered, but for everyone who takes the time to read through to see how a literary agent responds to various opening pages.
  • Next Monday, I will post the identity of our Secret Agent AND the winning entries.
    Guidelines for Critique on MSFV:

  • Please leave your critique for each entry in the comment box for that entry.
  • Please choose a screen name to sign your comments. The screen name DOES NOT have to be your real name; however, it needs to be an identifiable name.  ("Anonymous" is not a name.)
  • Critiques should be honest but kind, helpful but sensitive.
  • Critiques that attack the writer or are couched in unkind words will be deleted.*
  • Cheerleading IS NOT THE SAME as critiquing.  Please don't cheerlead.
  • Having said that, it is perfectly acceptable to say positive things about an entry that you feel is strong.  To make these positive comments more helpful, say why it's a strong entry.
  • ENTRANTS: As your way of "giving back", please critique a minimum of 5 other entries.

*I can't possibly read every comment.  If you ever see a comment that is truly snarky, please email me.  I count on your help.


  1. Hi! If you would please delete this comment on my entry (#3) I'd appreciate it :) I found it rude and unnecessary, as it did't offer any constructive criticism:

    Eli JensonApril 5, 2017 at 9:58 PM
    Excuse me while I spew out my coffee. "Fox-spirt?" You sound like one of those SJWs on Tumblr. Please tell me this isn't a full manuscript, kid.

    1. PS: I'm sorry, I missed the part about the bottom of the post about emailing you. If you'll delete this, I can email you :)

    2. So glad you mentioned this! I was also bothered by the comment. No need for it.