Thursday, December 17, 2009

Ho Ho Ho...

Some great crits going on! If you haven't join in yet, don't be shy. We've got a wide smattering of genres, which makes it more fun.

Yes, one of them is mine. Some of you have already guessed that.

As for the "ho ho ho" part: It's a little hint that you'd better pop by the blog tomorrow. In addition to the weekly Friday Fricassee, I'm going to have a Very Special Christmas Present for you. Something that, I hope, will make you smile.

So don't miss it!


  1. Darn it, Authoress, now I want to know which one is yours... :)

  2. That's easy, Krista. If you know what genre she writes (and if you follow her blog, you'll know that), you can narrow it down. Plus JM critted it. I just put the two together. All those CSI shows have finally paid off. :D

  3. JM didn't crit my excerpt. *neener neener* =D


  4. As the first person to have guessed right, I'm keeping my mouth shut.

    So the gloating will be entirely silent.

    *!*!*!*SILENT GLOATING*!*!*!*!*

    Well, I might tell for a critique.

    *evil grin*


  5. Yeah, yeah, I'm sneaky like that. (I get to crit the whole manuscript. Speaking of neener neener. *g*)

  6. Oooh, mysterious present tomorrow. Have you figured out how to transmit chocolate through the computer? Willy Wonka could do it.

    I commented on yours, but I didn't know it was yours till you mentioned it. Then I remembered your MC's name and figured it out.

    This was fun. Thanks for hosting. And I'd like to thank everyone who commented, too. So helpful.

  7. I realized that later on, Authoress. I went back to the entry and realized there was no way you would have made those mistakes. But I had to rush off to see my son's school preformance so I didn't have time to point out my mistake. Oops! Sorry.

    Now you know why I don't write mysteries. :D

  8. LOL Stina! But truly, I was honored that you tried so hard. ;D

    And Jodi can tell you about my mistakes. I know she WON'T, but she COULD.


  9. Sheila, if I knew how to transfer chocolate through the computer, I would be asking ALL OF YOU to send it to ME.

  10. I think I noticed Authoress' snippet. It isn't too far... :)

    I'm hoping to comment more tonight before the surprise tomorrow. So many good snippets to read though....

  11. Okay, I think I've found Authoress's, too. There's only one with the genre she uses to define her WIP... Good thing my comment was positive:)