Monday, December 14, 2009

Submissions Are Now Closed

I honestly didn't expect the slots to fill up this quickly, but there are obviously lots among us who are craving feedback.

This is a good thing!

Don't despair if you've missed out on this round; we'll do more in-house critting in January!


  1. Thanks for doing this, Authoress. I haven't been able to enter a SA contest for a while, and I was itching to have some feedback (beyond my crit group). Can't wait to read all the dangerous situations. My heart's already beating in eager anticipation. :)

  2. Thanks Authoress. Like Stina, I'm looking forward to participating - and dreading it.

    I already spotting something flaggable in the text I sent which... er... I didn't catch when I chopped the snippet down to 250.

  3. Me too, I spotted a few things in my scene that now I want to change... I hate when that happens, but I swear it happens with everything I submit no matter how many times it's been edited.

    On the plus side, the point here is to hear all the flaws :-)

    Thanks for hosting, Authoress, I'm looking forward to reading everyone's wip segments.

  4. Yes, some of us are craving feedback. This is a wonderful idea. Please continue!

  5. Thanks for providing this space for feedback, Authoress! What I sent in is a relatively new scene & I look forward to reading some thoughts on it (good or bad).

  6. Shoot, closing at 25 not 50? darn. :-)