Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Pitch for the Win #12 - YA Contemporary

TITLE: Truth in the Treetops
GENRE: YA Contemporary w/paranormal elements

For Gabby, a dedicated, but sometimes obsessive, cross-country runner, junior year is her time to shine. College recruiters. Scholarships. Besting her impossibly skinny rivals. But eerie encounters in the woods the summer before school starts and CJ, a cute guy with the same quirky taste in music--just might put a wrench in her plans. See, CJ has a secret and it's connected to what's going on in the woods. And to Gabby.


  1. This is fun. The voice works for me. I immediately thought of my own JR year in HS. Not sure if we need to get a taste of what's happening in the woods for a proper hook (i.e., what's happening to Gabby)? Good luck!

  2. I like the mysterious sound of this along with the typical junior year angst. Though I liked the voice, I feel like the pitch took off when you got to the eerie encounters. I think I'd rather hear more about what makes her obsessive than the list of things that will make her shine. It's definitely hard to put it all into a 75 word pitch. But this has an engaging premise.

  3. Love the voice in this pitch. I’d love a touch more details in the second two lines. Eerie encounters could be anything from voices, to ghosts, to strange animals, to trees moving, to buildings appearing, to... So, a hint would help.

    You might consider combining the second two lines and changing the emphasis:

    But CJ, a cute guy...might put a wrench in her plans. He has a secret and it’s connected to the strange voices haunting the woods ((or whatever eerie encounter)) and to what’s going on with Gabby.

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