Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Pitch for the Win #23 - YA Fantasy

TITLE: Dragon Girl
GENRE: YA Fantasy

Dragons disappeared a long time ago. When they wake from a 150 year hibernation they release magic into a world that has forgotten magic existed. One dragon’s magic pushes him to expose their existence to humans. One girl is ridiculed for believing that dragons are intelligent creatures instead of plague-ridden beasts. Both struggle to control their new magical powers and break free from the bonds of family oppression to save dragons from extinction, again.


  1. You are needing to dig deep to set up what makes this unique from the classic McCafferty books and the excellent recent Heart Striker series. Again, I need the heartline to make me interested and care. I would urge you to read the HeartStriker books and create a compelling uniqueness to the plot and characters. Strive for depth in plot and character development and build pitch from those? Does that make sense?

  2. Hi! I think there's a lot of ambiguity here that could be cleared up with some description. Who is the dragon? What is the girl's name? As a reader, I'm having a hard time connecting because I don't know who the main characters are. I feel like I'm watching from a distance. Also, I worry you're highlighting elements in your book that wouldn't stand out against the other dragon books vying for attention. A girl trying to prove dragons are intelligent, as opposed to savage seems to be the standard for these novels. I'd suggest making a list of every unique trait your book possesses, and then trying to build a pitch around that. Otherwise, you might be overlooked.

    You got this!

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