Monday, January 2, 2012

Off-Site Critique Info

Hello and Happy New Year!

We're moving right along with our critique sessions for Baker's Dozen entrants.  Here's today's pertinent info:

1. THIS WEEK'S CRITIQUE ROUNDS ARE GOING LIVE TODAY. The posts will remain up for the next 5 days, so please head on over and offer your critique to these tenacious authors.




2. IT'S TIME FOR THE NEXT 2 GROUPS TO SUBMIT THEIR EXCERPTS FOR CRITIQUE. These excerpts will post on their host blogs next week.

ADULT ENTRIES #57-84:  Please submit your logline and 250 words to Ian at ihiatt(at) by January 7. He prefers that you send your entry in a .doc or .docx format.

ADULT ENTRIES #85-111:  Please submit your logline and 250 words in the body of an email to Alicia at ragdoll29(at) by January 6.  She will be posting the excerpts on January 8 and 9.

Please ask your questions below, or email your critique host directly.


  1. Authoress, Alicia's email isn't working, even when I try variations.

  2. Filigree -- That is the correct address. Are you remembering to replace the (at) with the @ sign?

  3. Yep, and it bounced twice. Tried a third time, and it went through.

  4. Sounds like a server burp. Glad you got through!

  5. I completely understand that it is an off-blog critique, but do you have an idea of how many critiques can be anticipated?

    So far I've only had three critiques (and one of those was a helpful log line critique, not of content).

    I'm curious - I was hoping for more...

  6. I really have no idea, because I don't know the traffic/readership of our host blogs. It's dependent upon that, and upon the host bloggers' advertising. I have tweeted the links to bring in more critiques, but I really don't know what kind of response to ultimately expect. This is a sort of experiment-in-progress...

  7. I apologize if it came across as a complaint - it wasn't.

    The one issue that was brought up by all who commented on my content is extremely helpful - and if that's all there is, I'm thankful for them!

    Who knows what Day 4 will bring?!

  8. What is Alicia's website, please? I would love to read (and provide feedback) to the entries posted there.