Monday, March 12, 2012

Secret Agent Unveiled: Carlie Webber

Warm thanks to the helpful, shoot-from-the-hip Carlie Webber of the Jane Rotrosen Agency for being our Secret Agent this month!

Carlie's Bio:

Carlie Webber refused to major in English in college because no one would let her read Stephen King or R.L. Stine for class. She took her love of young adult and genre fiction to the University of Pittsburgh, where she obtained a Master of Library and Information Science, and worked as a YA librarian and reviewer for publications including Kirkus Reviews. Wishing to explore her interest in the business side of books, she decided to switch from librarianship to publishing and enrolled in the Columbia Publishing Course. Now she works for the Jane Rotrosen Agency, which has represented authors of general-interest fiction and nonfiction since 1974.

What Carlie's looking for right now:

· Any and all YA, whether it’s sweet and charming or terrifying and edgy.

· Horror for all ages

· Mysteries with a twist, such as paranormal elements (like Charlaine Harris) or humor (like Janet Evanovich)

· Character-driven thrillers with franchise potential, like those from Jo Nesbo, Michael Connelly, and Tess Gerritsen

Thanks, Carlie!  Winners forthcoming.


  1. Thanks to authoress and Carlie. I think Carlie's comments were very interesting. It's good to see not only what would get a form rejection but why.

  2. Carlie's comments were very eye opening. I'm very appreciative of the precious time she spent giving us the "insider" view on these first pages.

  3. Another great contest with an insightful agent! Reading examples of what earns a form reject, and why, is invaluable. Congrats to the winners, and thank you, Ms. Webber and blog hostess!