Wednesday, September 23, 2015

September Secret Agent Contest #1

TITLE: The Treasures of Dodrazeb
GENRE: Adult - Historical Fantasy

When he lost sight of Kamran, cold dread washed over Rasteem, sucking the air from his lungs. He yanked his blade from the enemy’s belly. Another came at him. Rasteem kicked the weapon out of his hand and drove a sword through his heart.  

He could disregard a prediction of his own fate, but he wouldn’t allow his nephew’s death to fulfill the bizarre prophecy. Searching for the boy, Rasteem ignored the metallic stink of blood and filtered out tortured cries. A familiar voice shouted, drawing him toward an alley. He saw Kamran, backed against a wall, trapped.

Kamran ducked behind his round shield, fending off a man wielding a short sword that thudded against it like an axe chopping a log. When the shield broke in two, Kamran flung the pieces into the dirt next to his sword. He crouched and raised his fists, ready to spring aside before the defender could finish him off.

Rasteem roared as he lunged and stabbed Kamran’s foe in the back. The tip of a sword protruding from his chest, surprise in the defender’s eyes dimmed to emptiness. Rasteem pushed the body off his blade, letting it crumple to the ground.

Kamran’s face lit up. “Still haven’t taken the palace?”

Rasteem grabbed the scruff of his neck and threw him down, hard. “Can’t lead an invasion if I’m searching for you!”

He pulled the boy up by his new armor and leaned down until they were nose-to-nose. “Stay with me.” Rasteem released him.

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