Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday Fricassee

Question:  How do you get lots of thought-provoking comments on your blog?

Answer:  Mention the S word in the context of YA.


In all seriousness, thank you to EVERYONE for contributing to a sensitive and deep discussion.  Can you imagine how we'd rock at our very own convention?

Dream it with me.  The First Annual Miss Snark's First Victim Conference, aka MSFV-CON.

(Can't you hear it now?  "Hey, are y'all going to Emmesseffy-Con?")

We could hold it in December and have a LIVE Baker's Dozen Auction.  With a bona-fide auctioneer and everything.  Gavel, microphone, little signs on sticks for agents to wave when they want to place a bid.

I'd totally dig watching Michelle Wolfson and Josh Getzler go at it.

Of course there'd be lots of ORGANIC GOURMET food at the conference.  I think we would eat a lot. And all meals would be served by candlelight.

With live jazz.

Chocolate in all the swag bags, too.  And awesome door prizes like $1000 gift cards to bookstores and shopping sprees at The Gap.

(I have no idea who's going to fund this thing.)

Anyway.  Maybe I'm a little pumped because I've crossed the halfway mark on my revisions.  You all know what it feels like to have more-than-half done, whether it's a first draft or a final.  It feels like the downside of the hill, even though there's a potentially tricky climax to work out.

So, yeah.  I'm happy.

I had a short theatrical stint this week, too.  I tried out for a play, which is something I haven't done in years.  And I made callbacks.

My jaw experienced a proverbial drop.

No, I didn't ultimately get cast.  I did receive an affirming email from the director, though.  Know what it sounded like?  A QUERY REJECTION LETTER.

I had to laugh.

Here's a snippet:

I have cast the show and will be unable to use [you]. I certainly hope I have another chance to possibly work with you. You are [a] very good actor and seem to have [a] tremendous sense of humor.

I was entertained all weekend with the enourmous [sic] amount of talent I observed from all the people who came to audition. It was not an easy choice to make.

Thank you again for your time and interest in coming to auditions.

A rejection letter from a director--who knew?  An interesting parallel, and worth slightly embarrassing myself over.  (I mean, what actress wants to admit she was passed up?)

And there you have it.  I'm sure my agent will be relieved to know that I'll be spending my evenings at the computer instead of play rehearsals.  And I know my husband is relieved.

With that--a happy Friday to you all!  And again, thank you for being SO TRULY WONDERFUL.


  1. It may have been a rejection but it was a classy one :-)

  2. The director of the high school play was surprised when woman in her late forties appeared on the stage.

    "Well, this is a surprsie" the director said to his assistant.

    The assistant was a pimply freshman with a clipboard. "I don't know. Why would a woman her age want to be in a high school play?"

    "Good question. Well, she looks like she has a bit of money. Put her on the call back list. Maybe she'll make a donation."

    "But we don't even have a part for her."

    "She doesn't know that."

  3. The MSFV Con sounds great! =D

    I read the YA + S post and comments, but didn't feel I had anything to add to the lively discussion. ;-) Thank you for being willing to offer a place for such discussions. It was enlightening to read the post and responses.

    Sorry you didn't get a part in the play . . . it's been centuries since I was in a play . . . okay, it feels like centuries, but in reality was a little over a decade ago. I miss it, so I feel for you!

  4. The con sounds fun, but then you have that litle problem of staying incognito

  5. I would pay good money to attend such a gourmet--I could live there. ;)

    Congratulations on getting past the halfway mark in your revisions! I'm currently revising, and I'll pass my halfway mark today, with a little effort. =)

  6. The con idea sounds great. As for the rejection letter, it is so much like a positive query rejection. Really you should work that into a novel someday.

  7. Being halfway done is infinitely better than being at the beginning again. HOW do you start a story? I haven't actually started a story in years....

  8. Your next blog: Actress Anonymous???