Thursday, August 11, 2011

I Need a Little Help, Please

So I've been working--slowly and intermittently--on my success story pages.

I'm almost finished with the PUBLISHED AUTHOR page, and am soon moving onto the SECRET AGENT CONTEST page.

Now, I'm actually fairly organized with all this.  Fairly.  As in, I've got success story emails sorted into folders and such.

But.  My inbox volume is fairly ginormous.  And the weeding-through process is overwhelming (hence my procrastination).

Here's where you come in.  If yours is a success story either DIRECTLY or INDIRECTLY related to your participation in a Secret Agent Contest, please send me a quick email with YOUR NAME and the word SUCCESS in the SUBJECT LINE.  Even if you're pretty sure I already have your info.

In the body of the email, let me know if you WERE already announced on the blog, or if this is a NEW story.  Or if you totally told me your story a year ago and are still waiting for me to post it.

Um.  Yeah.

Anyway, this will really help me make sure I don't miss anyone.  Which is, of course, never my intention.

It's just that I strive to be more organized than I actually am.

Emails go to facelesswords(at)

Many thanks!

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