Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Brushing the Dust From Another Success Story

As those of you who have recently received very belated email responses know, I have been cleaning out my inbox.  ("Mess" does not begin to describe it.)  As luck (and embarrassment) would have it, I came upon a success story from February that somehow slipped through my fingers.

I'm always stunned when I find this sort of thing hiding in the murk of my inbox.  I love success story emails, and I usually respond immediately.

Anyway, here it is!  The fact that I temporarily lost track of it in no way diminishes its shininess.  My thanks to the author for his graciousness in giving permission to share this news six months late!

Hi Authoress,

I've got a success story for you - on Monday, I signed with Ann Rittenberg of the Ann Rittenberg Literary Agency. This came about in a way I never imagined. I wrote the "So You Want to Write a Novel" video that's been making the rounds (actually it was posted on Kristin Nelson's blog the same day she posted your "Snark the Haggard Agents Sing" song).

My video caught Ann's attention, which led her to my humor blog and my other videos that had gone viral, which she also liked. One thing led to another, and after a few e-mails and phone calls, she offered me representation last week. I accepted on Monday.

It's still very surreal to me -- I still find myself thinking like I don't have an agent (in fact, I started reading the February Secret Agent submission guidelines before I remembered I didn't need to

I will, of course, continue to read your blog, but I will do it happily without the stress of agent hunting (replaced with the new stress on working to get published!)

David Kazzie


  1. @authoress I think you need to replace yourself with a very small shell script, like Hilary Mason!


    @david awesome! : )

  2. Belted congratulations to David. Hope it's going well :-)

  3. thanks a lot for the psot! i liked it!!!!!!

  4. Congrats, David! And I love your video!

  5. I love your blog. You do so much good for a lot of people. Hope you feel the love from this community. Missed getting my name in the hat for blog host but happy to help any way I can in the future.

  6. Oh, wonderful! Anyone involved with that video deserves everything good in the world. The funniest thing I've seen in a good long while.

  7. Yay, David! I have heard his story but it's a pleasure to see it yet again. Keep doing what you love, everyone.

  8. thanks everyone. And thanks to Authoress for featuring me here and for her continued great work on this blog.


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