Tuesday, November 10, 2015

#3 THE MARK OF THE CAGAIRÁIN, YA Historical Paranormal

TITLE: The Mark of the Cagairáin
GENRE: YA - Historical Paranormal

When an eighteenth-century Scottish lassie learns she’s the last Cagairáin, an ancient race of enchanters who can tame vampires with their words, she must join forces with the boy who betrayed her heart to defeat a psychopathic bloodsucker bent on usurping her powers.

It wasn’t like me to misbehave.

Usually I strived to be a daughter my parents could be proud of. I applied myself to my lessons with the laird’s daughter and accompanied the village healer on her weekly rounds. I never spoke ill of others or neglected my chores at home or in my father’s smithy.

But ever since he’d come back all sense of propriety had fled me.

For heaven’s sake – I was alone in the woods in the middle of the night with a boy. And contemplating absconding to the high hills with him, no less.

Could I even commit a greater crime against common decency?

In my defence, I’d wager it would be a rare lass indeed who could gaze into those mischievous green eyes of his and still care for the consequences of her actions.

I flicked my gaze over the young highlander standing before me, moonlight trickling through the canopy painting his silhouette silver. Six feet and counting, hair as wild as fire, and a chest so broad I probably could’ve wrapped my arms around him and not been able to touch my fingers together, Aiden MacEachan was a far cry from the lanky lad who enlivened so many of my childhood memories.

No, he was a man. A man who ignited my heart and calmed my soul.

“Don’t you want to?”

I blinked. “Ho ye?”

The lilt of fiddle music drifted on the night air, coiling around the tree trunks and tangling in their leaves.

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