Tuesday, November 10, 2015

#5 THE TIDES OF TIME AND CHANCE, Historical Fantasy/Romance

TITLE: The Tides of Time and Chance
GENRE: Adult Historical Fantasy Romance

When a social-climbing privateer intent on marriage finds his dream companion in the ruined girl masquerading as his cabin boy and then discovers she's only half human, he must decide between an uncertain future with her and the respectable life he's already sold his soul for.

As for the sea's love affair with the moon, every captain knew his place in that story. High tide was coming to the River Avon and Silas Trescowe would sail with it.

His temples pounding from the pre-voyage revelry chased down by a scant hour's sleep, the Deasura's master punished his face with a handful of cold water from his basin. The blue-on-white piece of Delftware with its Continental townscape and clog-shod figures was one of the few trophies he had kept for himself from the past two years of fighting. The Deasura itself was another. Or at least the best half of it. The tang of fresh sawdust lingered in the brigantine's great cabin and the corner of Silas's mouth nudged upward, but his proud moment was more than held in check by his hangover and the maddening uncertainty that came with his profession. Would it all prove worth it? He had no way of knowing. Would he be making a return trip to England this time? Also impossible to predict, but his gut said no and he wondered what that meant. Beyond dying a gruesome death in the near future, of course.

Silas had ducked into his cabin as much for a break from pretending to relish his job as for a respite from the clamor outside. It soon became apparent, however, that his men's laughter and the bleating of goats had ruthlessly followed him. Resigned, he swiped some of the droplets from his face and stepped back out into the fray.

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