Friday, November 20, 2015

Friday Fricassee

In the spirit of Thanksgiving -- thank you:

For sharing your time and insight with your fellow writers, offering your critique and comments during contests and critique sessions.

For your bravery and vulnerability in sharing your own work here.

For helping to create and maintain the vibrant community that exists here.

For allowing me to be myself (even though you've never seen my face).

For being a supporter instead of a complainer.

For pouring encouragement and kindness (and maybe a little love?) into me when I most needed it.

For bringing your perspective, your ideas, your talents, and your sense of humor along with you.

For not giving up on your dreams.

Thank you, dear readers and fellow wielders-of-the-pen.  Together, we are a mighty force and an absolutely lovely gang.  (Yes, we are.  We're a gang.  Or maybe a gaggle.  Or a murder.)

Hugs to all!

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