Friday, February 4, 2011

Friday Fricassee

I just remembered it's Friday.  (Not sure what that says about today...)

At any rate:  THANKS for a great First Kiss round!  Any thoughts?  Favorites?

I've got a secret to share!  While the First Kiss round was going on, I received a Lurking Agent email!  This was a first-time agently lurker (as opposed to my "regulars").  Two of the kisses caught her attention and she wondered if it would be possible to see more material.

Did you catch that? This was a crit session for FINISHED AND UNFINISHED manuscripts, sans logline or opening page.  Yet two of the smooches were obviously juicy enough to get someone's attention.

Juicy = well written, of course.

I warned the agent that the projects may or may not be complete, and then I emailed the authors.  Much to the agent's delight, one of the novels was finished and ready for submission, and the other will be ready in a few months.  Win-win!

All that to say: YOU NEVER KNOW!

How's that for a Friday happy? Things just keep getting better around here.

Monday will be fun, too.  Because right after the close of the first Secret Agent submissions window, I've got a cool announcement.

(No, it's not the sale of my novel.  Not yet!  And believe me, I won't be sticking news like that toward the end of a Friday Fricassee.)

So there you have it!  Good stuff everywhere.

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. I love that you have agents lurking.
    And I love that word.

    Congrats to the authors and their kisses!

  2. That's great! Congratulations to both authors in the First Kiss round. I know there were a number that I thought were absolutely fantastic.

  3. Some of those were fantastic. Good to seem them paying off.

  4. That is amazing! Makes me nervous to even comment on here anymore because now I know they're lurking. Maybe even here. Maybe right now. I should go.

  5. Authoress, can you tell us???? We'd love to see if our "favorites" were agent faves, too. How exciting for the authors!

  6. I had a feeling there would be agents lurking. :)

    Can't wait for monday's stress. :D

    Or the big news. I love big news. :D

    Have a great weekend, Authoress!

  7. That's awesome! Congrats to the submitter!

  8. Congrats to the two lucky writers! And good luck. :)

  9. Not sure what the protocol is, but it was an exciting email to get, that's for sure. Authoress is a fairy godmother, I think!

  10. I thoroughly enjoyed "First Kiss" I thought about entering my own, but when I visited it, I hated it (I knew it needed work, so it wasn't a big surprise. At that point in my writing I was still re-teaching myself to write after a long and serious illness. Let's face it- romance was not the first thing on my mind!)

    The entries were wonderful and so varied. Two faves that I remember right off were an adult women's fiction piece (one of the few non-YA novels) and Boundary Street (I've read exerpts of it before and think the premise of an American woman marrying into a traditional Chinese family is intriguing). But I thought they were all good, so way to go, writers!

  11. This IS exciting news! Congrats to those First Kiss authors! Makes me wish I'd gotten up the nerve to enter! Maybe next time. :)

    Eager for Monday's news!

  12. It's amazing how many good things just keep coming out of this blog. You're doing great work Authoress, keep it up! :)

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