Wednesday, February 9, 2011

On Your Mark, Get Set...

Good morning!  The February Secret Agent entries will post in a little while.

Entrants, please remember to critique a minimum of 5 other entries.

All critters, please sign in with a screen name that is NOT the word "anonymous."  (You do not need a Blogger account to critique.)

I have changed the comment display so that they are now embedded at the end of each post instead of in a pop-up box.  I'll be interested to know whether this is more convenient for you during the contests.

Have fun!


  1. I have a question about critiquing.
    Previously, I've only posted a 'crit' on submissions that I've liked, including things like why I liked it and trying to pick at least one or two things that I think could improve it.
    I'm wondering about the posts that I read that don't jump out at me as 'I love this' - are people (the ones who've submitted the pieces) interested in reading why something didn't work for a reader?
    I just feel kind of weird if there are x number of people saying they love a post, and I didn't, being the first one to come in and say that...
    Do people want to hear about why someone didn't like it, or is it better just to think "ok, this one isn't doing it for me, I'll go crit one of the others"?

  2. Alisa,

    You've asked an important question. I think that we will never grow as writers if we never read the critique of folks who don't love our work at first sight.

    I mean, what's the point of critique if it always positive? I know I wouldn't be where I am today as a writer if I'd never gotten negative critique.

    All that to say, ALL thoughtful, tactful critique is appropriate and most likely wanted. Also? Dissenting opinions give us something to think about.

    So have at it. :)

  3. Authoress, I preferred the old pop up window for critting. I can move it on the screen so I can see the entry better. With the new format, I had to keep scrolling up to see what else I wanted to comment on.

    There are definitely some great entries. :D

  4. Embedding is a HUGE improvement.

    Love it!!!

  5. I prefer the pop up window. I have all the entries on the same page and the window can be placed right beside whatever one I'm working on. This way, I have to go back and forth between entries, and I have to constantly scroll up and down to go back to an entry. Also, the pop up box has a white on white background which makes it easier to read than a white on brown background, but that's probably just older eyes.

  6. I personally like the pop up window better because then I could see the entry while I was typing my comment so it was much easier for me to do direct quotes instead of having to keep scrolling. Either way I love your site.

  7. Yeah, I like the pop up window better.