Monday, September 19, 2011

Staying on top of things...

The blog schedule is crammed full around here, so I want to stay on top of things on a regular basis.  (Also, I considered writing this post in Pirate, but I'm not fluent enough.  So a quick "Happy Speak-like-a-pirate Day" will have to do.)

1.  September Secret Agent submissions TODAY.
2.  Next week:  Our first logline critique round (September 27).  (Note:  I'll be talking about loglines this week, making sure we're all on the same page with what's required.)
3.  We're 4 weeks away from the first Baker's Dozen submission window (October 18).

Also, a clarification on the contest fee:

The $8 entry fee is being charged to everyone who enters the contest.  The behind-the-scenes administrative work this contest entails is...well, gargantuan.  Also, a percentage of the fee is going to Michael Extraordinaire, who has done literally thousands of dollars of work developing and perfecting our submission bot--for free.

Yeah.  The guy has given me--has given all of us, really--a huge, non-repayable gift.  So a percentage of the fee is earmarked for him.  And it won't begin to scratch the surface of what he really deserves.

In addition, you may not realize that I pay a monthly hosting fee to Michael's company.  It's not a huge amount, but it's an automated payment that comes out of my business account each month whether the money's in there or not.  (Um, yeah.  Overdrafted once this year.)  So covering the cost of the hosting fee for the coming year in one fell swoop would take some pressure off, for sure.

And, yeah, I'm going to be donating a stack of YA/MG books to my local library, which is strangely bereft of any new releases in these genres.  More on this later.

Oh, and how could I forget? I'm close to finalizing the agent list and will be posting it SOON! I'll also be announcing our guest editors (one for adult and one for YA/MG) and guest authors (one for adult and one for YA/MG), who will be critiquing the 60 winning entries.

All this, and I'm off coffee.  (I mean, can you believe it?)  It was time to de-caffeinate my life.  So far, so good.  The headaches were mild and only lasted two days.

(Yes, I'm rolling my eyes at myself.)



  1. I'm probably more impressed by your Decaffeination Project than anything else in this post!

  2. You sound almost guilty about charging! Don't be!
    You are fantastic. You've heard that enough now to actually start believing it! We adore you! : )

  3. Escape: {{{hugs}}} Not guilty. It's just that there seemed to be some misunderstanding on the fee, and I hate that. (Actually, I hate talking about money. Maybe that's what you picked up on. LOL) xoxo

  4. Relax,

    We all understand about fees. You have been covering everything for the year I've been following. Times are tough for all and we need to help each other....

  5. All that without coffee?! Shiver me timbers. And ditto what the others said about fees. Anyone who complains about an $8 dollar fee is welcome to go to another blog and see what they get for free. The DFW Writers Workshop charges $100 a year for the privilage of reading your stuff aloud to the group many of whom have never read a YA book in their life. YALitChat is a 30 dollar yearly cost if you want full benefits. In light of all that $8 is a steal fit for a pirate.

  6. Thank you, Michael and sbjames. =)

  7. Wondering if there is a one entry limit per person for the submission into the Bakers Dozen??

  8. I went off coffee once when I was pregnant (note - I've had 3 kids, but only went off coffee once...) I started blacking out and had headaches the whole time. My doctor said, by all means, drink coffee and I've never looked back. It's a pleasant little addiction...

  9. Authoress, you are a queen among bloggers. Seriously. We can't thank you enough for all the work you do.

  10. i'm happy to pay the money to participate. Super excited for all the upcoming posts!

  11. $8 is nothing, really. Most contests charge a minimum of $10 or more to enter, without a guarantee of anything, and you usually have to get to the final round to get the agents and editors see it. In this one, though, the agents and editors can easily (okay, so they may not have time, but still, it's POSSIBLE) look through the entries before the final 60 are chosen. That alone is more than enough to get me to part with eight whole dollars.

    I didn't see this contest until it was too late last year, but I'm not going to miss the chance this year.