Thursday, October 20, 2011

And a few little details...

First of all, I ADORE YOU ALL.

I was a quintessential spaz on Tuesday, and your patience until Michael was able to fix my boo-boo was beyond what most people, I think, could expect from a public forum.  A paying public forum.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.  And for those of you who are planning on submitting today: I've got the numbers set correctly.

Once you pay, YOU WILL RECEIVE A CONFIRMATION.  If you don't, check your spam box.

Take the time to preview your entries.  I PROMISE the entire thing isn't going to fill up in 2 minutes.

Also, to clear up a little confusion that came up:  When you pay your contest fee, you do not have to allocate it for BOOKS or ADMIN.  I've already decided the percentages on that.  The allocation note (BOOKS or ADMIN) belongs on DONATIONS.  Because if you're giving because you want to give, I want the funds to go where you want them to go.  So it's BOOKS to add to the library donation or ADMIN to go to me directly.  And if you don't specify, I will allocate your donation for BOOKS.

A huge THANK YOU to those of you who have already sent donations.  It's hard to express how deeply blessed I am every time one of your gifts arrives.

Okay, colleagues -- onward!


  1. "Take the time to preview your entries. I PROMISE the entire thing isn't going to fill up in 2 minutes."

    Good to know! But does that just apply to the adult subs?

  2. Um, yes. But even the YA/MG won't fill up THAT fast.

    Maybe TEN minutes. ;) (I'm kidding! Really!)

  3. Please help me in my numptiness...where would one donate if one so pleased?

  4. T.L -- The donate button is on the right sidebar, at the top. (Numptiness? LOL!)

  5. I'd be embarrassed if it wasn't six in the morning. :D

    Ok. I'm a little red cheeked. O_o

  6. I thought you held it all together quite well Authoress, unlike me who kept trying to submit every few minutes for a couple of hours. Then when I did get through I mistyped my email address and had a panic attack about if I got in or not. (Thank you and cyber hugs to Michael for hunting & finding my submission). Good luck everyone and definately preview your submission.

  7. So has anyone else had issues trying to preview or even check word count? I click both buttons and my computer looks at me as though I'm a nut. It won't let me submit or pay or preview or anything. Not sure what I'm doing wrong but I'm afraid I may have missed the window. :(

  8. I'm amazed that I got in, at 30 minutes past opening. Best $8 I've spent in months. Thanks, Authoress!

  9. Thank you, Peta. :)

    Lisa -- the window is still wide open. Michael wants you to email him. katowulf(at)

  10. @Authoress and Michael:

    "First of all, I ADORE YOU ALL."

    I ADORE YOU BOTH. Thank you for making this contest work as best you can for EVERYONE. (Even those of us with less than stellar computers)

    You are priceless. Both of you.

  11. This is my first experience with Baker's Dozen, and I was a total nutcase and literally counted down the seconds until submission time. The only problem I had was that my primary email address was not recognized as valid. But I was able to use a different one.

    The Auction is such a great idea. Thanks, Authoress, and good luck to everyone who enters!

  12. Your entry will not appear unless you pay the entry fee!
    It must be received before the submission window closes.
    If you paid via the web form and received a confirmation, you are done.
    If not, use this link to make your payment:

    Dear Violet Ingram,

    Congratulations! Your entry has been accepted for the contest. Your post number is #23.

    All best,

    [log number: 5404]

    On Tuesday I got this email & a paypal confirmation email. Does that mean I got in? I think so but I'm so nervous I just want to make sure.

    Thanks so much for all of this.

  13. Violet --

    Yes. As it says in your email:

    If you paid via the web form and received a confirmation, you are done.

  14. Thank you so much. As my kids say you rock!

  15. I'm sure you have gone over this, but how many out of the potential 200 Adult Subs will make it to the final bidding round? Sorry if this is a redundant question.

  16. Sorry, I should have looked harder at the Official Rules. It'll be whittled down to 25. Yikes! ;)

  17. CindyLou: It's 12.5% according to my other half.
    It is a bit daunting. But that just makes me all the more eager to see the stories that get through.

  18. LOL, this was my first time entering and it was sort of like Black Friday madness, including standing in line, counting down the seconds until the store opens.

    I messed my entry all up (I surprisingly got in on Tuesday afternoon after hitting "the wall" Tuesday a.m.). I somehow missed the part about putting the logline in italics and paypal forced me to register/set up an account, which threw me off. So I may or may not have actually gotten in to the contest, but am looking forward to watching the submissions, the critiques, and the bids all play out anyway. This whole thing is caramel-ly awesomeness! Thank you so much authoress!

  19. In preparation for the YA/MG submissions, are we donating with a credit card? And do we do that all at the same time? Confused:(

  20. Crud, I never saw the bit about putting the logline in italics either! Oh well, it's done now. Good luck everybody!

  21. Tuesday I entered my adult hist fic into the Baker's Dozen (at least I hope I did as I received the paypal confirmation) but I have a worry niggling at me.

    My first 250 is part of a brief prologue which takes place in the MC's childhood. My fear is that readers (agents, editors, my fellow writers) will think my story is labeled incorrectly--that they will believe it is YA or MG.

    Is this a valid concern or I am nibbling nails for nothing?

  22. @alishamarieklapheke, So many agents are talking about what makes a book YA vs. adult right now, and the major difference between adult and YA is voice and perception. If you've written an adult book, it'll show even if you start with a protag in their young adult years. My advice: don't worry about it.

  23. TerriB - "I somehow missed the part about putting the logline in italics ..."

    O_O Wha? Where did it say that!
    Oh dear ... I didn't put my logline in italics ... does that mean my entry didn't qualify?

  24. Loglines DO NOT have to be in italics!

    I will italicize the winning loglines prior to the auction. DON'T WORRY, you guys!


  25. My entry response, after I paid using the online web form said I was entry #111. Am I still in consideration even though my number is higher than 100?

  26. Authoress,
    I searched and searched for the answer to this before asking (Pleeeease don't ban me from chocolate)

    Is the logline word max 100, followed by the 250 word max on the manuscript? I couldn't find anything specifically about the logline word count.