Wednesday, January 14, 2009

SECRET AGENT: Are You Hooked?

The submissions will begin posting shortly!

To all critters:

1. On behalf of all the entrants, thanks for your time.
2. Honesty with kindness, as always.
3. If you've submitted an entry, please be sure to use the same screen name as the one you included with your submission.

And of course, keep your eye out for our Secret Agent, who will be joining ranks with you at any time!

Something tells me this round is going to be especially fun. *grin*


  1. What an amazing amount of work, Authoress. Thanks for the fantastic opportunity!

  2. Tee he he. I figured out the secret agent since she let her name slip on one entry. I just love the funny SA names she's come up with (Secret Agent 007), and her comments have been very insightful.

    Thanks again, Authoress, for setting this up. It's a great way to see how subjective the publishing industry is.

  3. Anon: !! Please email me the post number so I can get rid of that! You sly thing. :)

  4. Authoress,

    I gotta say that this is a real eye-opener. I am determined to comment on all 51 entries, and I'm already about cross-eyed. No wonder agents and editors get to the point where they read three lines and quit.

    Thanks again for the experience!

  5. Authoress: I'm guessing you've figure out which one it was since I can't find it anymore.

  6. Yep, I did. Thanks so much for letting me know!