Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Wonderful Opportunity For Our Secret Agent Subbers!!

If you were one of the 51 participants in our recent Secret Agent contest, this post is for you!

Our own Sarah Jensen has graciously offered to host a REVISED PAGE FEST on her blog next week!

Here are Sarah's instructions:

All participants who have done revisions on their first pages since last week's contests are invited to send their revision 250 words to msfvrevisions(at) by Tuesday, January 27 at 9 pm MST. Important: PLEASE INCLUDE THE POST NUMBER OF YOUR ORIGINAL ENTRY HERE ON MISS SNARK'S FIRST VICTIM. Please also include the title/genre at the top of your entry, the same way you did when you entered the contest. Sarah will provide a link back to the original page along with your revised page.

She will begin putting the pages up on Wednesday the 28th and they will be ready for comments on Thursday the 29th.

You will be able to view and critique the revised pages next week at Legend of the Protectors. (I'll post a reminder here.)

Leave your questions here in the comments box for Sarah to answer. And a huge THANK YOU to Sarah for doing this!


  1. Wow Sarah- I was working on my revisions and thinking about how great it would be to get some more feedback on it. Thank you for the opportunity!

  2. Thank you Sarah! What a fantastic opportunity--twice!

  3. You are so welcome. I thought the same thing. I feel the feedback I've received is invaluable, and I'm sure the rest of you feel the same way. I also would love to see how others take their feedback and work it in to their stories.
    I look forward to this.
    Thanks everyone!
    And thank you Authoress for this opportunity.

  4. Thanks Sarah,

    Sounds like a great opportunity. I'll be skipping on it, though, since mine required only the deletion of a few words, and a substitution of another. You either liked it or you didn't. Of course, that also means I'm out of future Secret Agent contests. Sigh.

    I'll be checking out all the resubmitted YA enteries, though.

    Can't wait to see the new versions.

  5. I'm excited to join in on this. What a great opportunity. Thanks, Sarah.

  6. thank you very much, Sarah, for this opportunity. However, I have a question. How long will the submission window be open? I have to work Tuesdays and wouldn't be able to submit my revised opening until as late as 8pm that day.

  7. Hi Sarah, me again.

    I did have a question. Sarah Davies made a comment on mine about my choice of wording being melodramatic. Taken out of context it is. I was wondering if I could post the re-edited 250-words but include the hook at the beginning that comes from my query. I want to know if I should leave the wording as it is, or change it based on Sarah's suggestion. Would that be okay? This would be the same info an agent and reader would know before reading the book.


  8. Thank you, Sarah, for this fantastic opportunity. I have re written my first chapter taking in all the great advice.

    When can we start submitting it? Do we have to wait until Tuesday? Or can we submit straight away?

    The adrenalin is pumping!

  9. The window is open now! You can start sending any time. And if you have some sort of problem, let me know.

    And Stina, I think anyone who would like to add the hook from their query, go for it! It makes it easier sometimes when we know what we're dealing with.

    Maybe in a couple of weeks, we can work on queries. For anyone interested.

    So start sending those 250 words, queries attached too if you want.

  10. Thank you, Sarah. The feedback I got from round one certainly was helpful. I'll be curious about further comments.

  11. Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you Sarah.

  12. Sarah, I didn't put my screen name on my submission just now. Does it matter? Probably not since this isn't any sort of competition, right? :) We all know which are ours and which comments are meant for us, right?
    Also, should we attempt to critique ALL the other entries? I wonder how many you'll get...

  13. Let's keep to the same rules here. Try hard to crit 5. I'll leave it open for at least the full weekend.
    And the main thing I need is your post # here and the title. Just so I don't have a hard time finding them all.

    Can I say, I'm getting excited.

  14. WOW!

    I was kind of hoping something like this would happen. I already revised mine and I'll send it your way soon. I can't wait to read the others, since I kept a list of the entries I liked best, and which one's needed a little work.

    Editing is part of the process, but it's nice to see if the editing helped or hurt.

    Looking forward to reading everyone's revisions!


  15. I agree. WOW! I too have been revising like a mad woman. Thank you so much Ms. Jensen. It will be wonderful to see if I understood your critique and took appropriate actions.

  16. Sarah,

    You are so kind to offer this.

    Do you want us to copy the text into the email message space or attach a document to the email?

  17. put it in the body of the email. It's just easier that way.

  18. Y'all are so welcome. I look forward to it!