Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Another Success Story!

This letter, which I am sharing with permission, speaks for itself.

Dear Authoress,

Thank you so much for your dedication and hard work in the writing community. Perhaps people don't say it enough, but I want you to know that your work is very appreciated and admired by myself and much of the Toronto literary scene. We discuss your blog often, and relay the good news, tidbits, tips and anecdotes to one another in our communal "Office" (i.e. the local Pub) often.

I'm very pleased to be able to inform you that there is some more good news for you to share with your readers.

In April 2009 I pitched my novel "Triptych" to Dragon Moon Press, the full was requested, and the manuscript eventually turned down due to some style and plot issues that the editor wanted me to address.

Heartbroken and determined to do better, I turned to Miss Snark to help improve my opening (I wrote a whole new prologue based on the advice of some of your commentors), to attack my hook (they were right, it WAS too confusing, and I added another three paragraphs to start the action just as the bullet left the barrell, rather than when the body hit the floor) and to even make sure that my character's first kiss was as sensual and strange as I hoped (lots of fantastic feedback there, including catching where I spelt my MC's name wrong. Woe!).

I worked very hard (adding about 30,000 more words and deleting about 10,000 in the process), racking up what I would assume were over a hundred hours worth of editing, and learned in the process the differences between the act of writing and the act of editing, both of which are rewarding crafts when one is will to be honest and ruthless and loving with their text. And all the while, I continued to reread my Miss Snark comments to make certain was wasn't continually comitting the same crimes.

With those changes under my belt, I resubmitted to DMP and... was offered a book deal!

So, I wanted to offer a massive thank you to both you, Authoress, and the Miss Snark community. You people are truly selfless, encouraging, and dedicated to your crafts.

I wish everyone the same luck I had, and I hope that when "Triptych" comes out in April 2011, that each of you will enjoy it! You - Authoress and the Miss Snark Family - all helped to make it what it is.

Thank you,
J.M. Frey


  1. Congrats! Good to see hard work paying off!

    And props to Authoress for helping make it all happen :-)

  2. Congratulations on reaping the fruit of all your hard work! And thanks for giving even more hope and reinforcement to the rest of us. :)

    And as JohnO said, huge props to Authoress for being such a wonderful enabler!

  3. Hooray!

    I've found the agent contests and regular contests invaluable. People here can be more honest than they are on my blog or critique group.

    Thanks, Authoress!

  4. Yay! I love success stories! They're encouraging, even ones like this where LOTS of work is involved. I mean, I know lots of work is always involved, but it's encouraging to know that even if something isn't quite ready yet, that doesn't mean it never will be. :)
    Thanks for posting this!

  5. That's awesome. I love a happy ending like that. :)

  6. Congrats! :) It's wonderful to hear good news like this.

  7. That's so encouraging!

    Congratulations to J.M. Frey, and bravo, Authoress, for helping so many aspiring writers step foot in the right direction. :)

  8. Congrats!! Authoress, these e-mails must give you the warm fuzzies. You've created a real community on this blog. A place where writers gather to hone their craft. Congratulations!!!

  9. Fantastic! What a wonderful story.

    Next April, I will be on the lookout for your novel.

    Again, congrats!!

  10. That's such an encouraging story to hear. Thanks to JM Frey for sharing and to the amazing Authoress for this blog site. I haven't ever entered, but I lurk, reading and soaking up much. It's such an incredible resource and opportunity for writers.

  11. Congratulations, J.M. Frey! (And thanks again, Authoress, for creating this wonderfully inspiring, helpful community.)

  12. What a great letter! You're a huge asset to the writing community, Authoress. Many thanks.

  13. Thanks for sharing your story, J.M.! Best wishes with your book.

    Authoress, here's wishing you the writing success you deserve!

  14. Congratulations, J.M., and thanks for sharing your story! I really appreciate the feedback I've gotten here.

  15. Congratulations J.M. Frey, and thanks for sharing your wonderful news.

    Authoress is amazing. She sacrifices her own writing time to help other aspiring writers. I appreciate that so much. There will be big cheers the day Authoress gets a contract. I hope it’s soon.

    I’ll look out for Triptych, J.M.

  16. Congrats, J.M. Frey!

    And thanks for the heads up, Authoress. I love to read good news!

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  18. Oooops! Sorry about that last comment. :( It was supposed to go on another website where the owner asked what children's books we were reading at the moment. Silly me. Um, well, I accidently hit send on the wrong blogger. Yipes! That'll teach me to have two web pages open at the same time. I'll go and pull my slipper out of my mouth now. *Blushing red with embarrassment.*

  19. Good for you, J. M. Frey! It's great to hear about successes. So often in this business, all we hear about are people's rejections. Congratulations! And may there be many more books to come!

  20. Wow - congrats! That's awesome :)