Tuesday, May 18, 2010

To Clarify:

The "CONTEST FULL" resubmission offer is for the 7:00 PM EDT submission window ONLY. The noon window had no problems and actually DID fill up rapidly. If you submitted for the noon window and got a "contest full" message, it was valid.

The 7:00 PM window is the one in which I forgot to add the extra 25 to the total, so folks received a "CONTEST FULL" message RIGHT from the beginning. That was MY fault.

If you received ANY OTHER rejection message, or if you received NOTHING, this doesn't apply to you. My contest bot always (ALWAYS!) spits out a response, so if you didn't receive it, then there's a 99% chance the problem's on your side. And I'm not going to ask my programmer of awesomeness to weed through every. single. entry. to figure out what went wrong with people's email programs.

I mean, that would be nice. But it's just not feasible.

If I could hand out slices of Mr. A's gourmet pizza right now, I'd feel better. And so would you. Because, seriously--he makes the BEST PIZZA IN THE UNIVERSE.

*searches frantically for chocolate*


  1. Second the hershey bar. Hang in there.

  2. Can I have Mr. A's pizza recipe? I've yet to find a good one!

  3. I have some chocolate Werther's I'm sending your way - the caramelly ones.

    I love pizza. Especially if someone else makes it. If they know what they're doing, that's even better.

    Hugs - hang in there.

  4. It's less work for you, but I hope it's not more post-contest stress.

    I'm sitting out since I I've been in the last three, and have nothing new to promote. It will be nice to relax and just provide feedback this time.