Friday, January 2, 2009

Friday Fricassee

Happy First Friday of 2009!

I miss your chattiness, so let me have some in the box today. As in, what is 2009 going to mean to you as a writer? If you had to choose a Number One goal, what would it be?

For that matter, just go ahead and choose it. Make the commitment right here, right now. We're all in this together!

Also, because I know you love me as much as I love you, I thought I'd let you know that literary agent Janet Reid has quoted my "how agents drive writers crazy" list on her blog. The only non-Authoress material is the two paragraphs inserted after #1.

Those of you who read me regularly already know that these things bug me to no end. It surely felt good sending them to Janet. (Well, she did ask for feedback via Twitter. And why would I say no to a carte blanche for airing grievances? Politely, of course...)

So do pop over to Janet's blog -- and you can leave your own gripes in her comment box.


  1. That was a fun read with the comments over on the blog. And my skin, too, got a little thicker after reading them and what people have been through. Good thing, since I hope to submit this year...which leads me to my resolution: to finish my book so I can submit it to an agent contest, and also to agents in general. I'd like to do this by the summer...

  2. hmm....

    Goal for far as writing goes is going to be to finish and publish the current WIP

  3. My main writing goal of 2009: Get both my books polished and start querying agents.

    My goal is to start querying around June at the latest.

  4. Thanks for the link . . . interesting and fun to read. As for 2009, I plan to keep reading/researching, start submitting, and continue writing.

  5. Well, since I just signed with an agent in November and have been busy with getting my MS nice and shiny through the holidays, the obvious goal is to get the thing published. I have high hopes :)

  6. My goal is to make my book the absolute best it can be. And then to write a second book, and make that one be the absolute best it can be. Also, if I could get an agent, that would be coo.

  7. My goal is to get one of my manuscripts polished and shiny and queried before my birthday in August.

    Once the pretty and shiny manuscript is gone I will go polish manuscript #2 until it shines and send it off, possibly by January of next year.

  8. The main goal in 2009 writing (novel) wise is to edit/polish/begin querying at least one novel. Preferably the UF novel. My brain will probably rebel somewhere along the line.

    The short story goal is to get at least one satisfactory short done a month--this is probably my biggest challenge. :P I'm horribly particular on what I deem turns out "satisfactory".

    (Yes, I really do separate my writing goals into lengths...)

    My one big hope/wish this year is to make a pro sale (short story). I don't care in which genre (since I do all F/H/SF), but yes, that's what I'd like to be the big "break" in 2009... gotta keep working at it.


  9. My writing goal is to finish the revision of the first book and start sending it out and to finish writing the second book.

  10. Loved Janet's blogpost - read it this morning as I was polishing my submissions to go out on Sunday.

    Goals this year - keep submitting, work hard at getting past the partial requests which means hit those edits again. Finish 2 WIPs that have been lingering for too long, polish them up and start submitting. This is the year!


  11. Woo hoo, I'm not dead! Hello happy blog people!

    Anywho, my writing goals for 2009 are:

    1) Finish Dragonseeker (only about 5-6 chapters left, I think).

    2) Finish the vampire/werewolf NaNo novel and start posting parts of it on Critique Circle.

    3) Continue to submit three pieces each month to different publications.

    4) Ditto for my freelance business--reply to at least three calls for freelancers per month.

    5) Contribute more articles for Writer's Chai (a project started by my writer's group to produce educational content for other writers out there)

    6) Try to beat the procrastination demon out of my head when he whispers I should surf the web instead of working on my writing.

    7) Be more active on MSFV!!!!

    Hope everyone had a great holiday season, and is kicking off 2009 with a bang!

  12. Hmm... I'm going to go all out here with the goals.
    1. finish novel
    2. polish novel
    3. get agent for novel
    4. agent finds editor for novel
    5. get large advance for publishing novel
    6. go on Oprah for novel
    :) We'll see how many I get through.

  13. lol many of us have the same goal! Mine is also to polish novels and send at least one out for query by the end of the year :)

  14. My goal is to get an agent. I'll have to get over my fear of rejection then...

  15. Latecoming here, but only because I've been busy working on my number one goal for 2009.

    I'm polishing off one of my messy babies and intend to beging querying on it very shortly. As in by Feb.1.

    I'm setting short term goals, because otherwise I know I'll slack off. ./

    *shakes fist at 2009 and orders it to be a better year than 2008 for me and everyone else*

  16. My new novel, Lawless Justice is due for release early this year.
    And I have another two projects on the go.

    Broken Chains 70% finished.

    Road Rage 50%

    However, on New Years Eve I found out I was pregnant, so I'm not sure how much time or inspiration I'm going to have for writing.

  17. My goal for 2009 is to waste less time. Happy New Year, Authoress.

  18. A couple years back, I gave myself what I hoped was a reasonable goal: have a "YES" from an agent by the time I turned 25. With that in mind, I spent the next several years writing and rewriting and editing.

    And now? I turn 25 in December this year. I've got 11 months to get my "yes". So that's my goal for 2009, is to try, try, try as hard as I can. <3

  19. Three goals: Get an agent, finish my second novel and expand my garden and vegetable business.

  20. Goals for 2009 - 1) keep learning by asking people to critique my work - so far they are always right about what I have missed. 2) Submit lots anyway because other folks think it's "good enough" and it keeps my motivation high when it's accepted. 3) Less TV, more words - reading and writing.

  21. Top writing resolution?

    Finish Jesscapades, and query it. Argh, my first foray into the world of querying - how terrifying. :)