Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Coming Your Way In January

I'm in utter "wind down" mode (what, you noticed?) as December's last threads unravel. Rest assured, however, that January is going to be exciting 'round these here parts.

Coming up:

* Our very first SECRET AGENT: ARE YOU HOOKED? contest of 2009 (!!)
* Our very second First Chapter Crit Fest

Pay special attention early next week, which is when I'll be posting details and early information about the Secret Agent round.

I've gotten some helpful feedback from our past Secret Agents, too. My goal is to continue to improve and streamline our SA contests so they're the best they can be.

New around here? Click on the Secret Agent info in the left sidebar. Wondering who our past Secret Agents have been? Here's the star-spangled list from 2008:

August: Holly Root
September: Barbara Poelle
October: Michelle Brower
November: Colleen Lindsay

There you have it! Just so you know that things are going to jump right back into high gear around here as soon as the ball drops in Times Square.

Well, maybe not that quickly.

Happy New Year, everyone!


  1. Ooo! Better my sharpen my claws to the manuscript... I'm excited for a new SA contest!

  2. *slaps forehead*

    I spent forever and a day looking for the name of the first Secret Agent last week. If I woulda just waited.


  3. Happy New Year, Authoress! I'm looking forward to an even more exciting 2009. How 'bout you? :-)

  4. Sounds good, Authoress! :D

    I hope to finally be around more in Jan. ;)

  5. Me too :) Easier to keep an eye on when info gets posted now. 2009 should be a good year for us all, I hope!

  6. I'm excited for the new SA. Hopefully it will be a genre I write. :)
    Thanks for doing these for us. And thanks to the agents who participate.

  7. A Happy and Blessed New Year, Authoress!

  8. This is a great place, Authoress!

    Happy New Year!

  9. Happy New Year! Thanks for all you've done. Best wishes for 2009.

  10. Happy new year!!

    Will hopefully get a 50k manuscript ready for the next SA contest.

  11. Sounds like a good way to start the new year.

    I hope 2009 is productive and happy for you!

  12. Can't wait for the new SA contest. I'm as excited for it as my kids were for Christmas. Unfortunately Santa didn't bring me a contract from an agent even though I asked really politely. Sigh.

    Curious to see what the changes will be.

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