Friday, December 19, 2008

Friday Fricassee

Happy Last-Friday-Before-Christmas!

So tell me: How does the holiday season affect your writing? Does it energize you, lead you into vast pools of creativity? Or does it leave your muse sniffling at the curbside, waiting until after the New Year?

The first half of December was good for me on the writing front, but as Christmas rapidly approaches, I'm finding that I need my creative energy to be directed toward holiday preparation. I used to struggle with this -- yearly December Writer Guilt, if you will. But then a wise fellow author pointed out that it's a good idea to set it all aside during December, on purpose.

Works for me.

Share your writerly thoughts!

And here's a little invitation/challenge for you:

I'd like to post some of your Christmas Creativity next week. If you feel so inspired (and I hope that you do), please choose one of the following:

1. Re-write the words to a well-known Christmas carol or song, so that the piece expresses All Things Writerly (or, the life of a writer during the holidays).

Example: Stack the halls with reams of paper, fa-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la (etc.)

2. Write your own version of 'Twas the Night Before Christmas, again so that the piece expresses a writerly viewpoint. Yes, make sure it rhymes.

Send me your sparkling composition at facelesswords(at) any time from now through Tuesday, December 23. As I receive them, I'll post them. I will include your name or screen name in the post UNLESS YOU TELL ME NOT TO!

*rubbing hands in anticipatory glee*


  1. Just a shameless plug for...someone else: Shrinking Violet Promotions is doing their version of an introvert writer's 12 days of Christmas here:

    It's pretty much hysterical.

  2. Wow... not sure if I have enough creativity to participate! But if I get a sudden burst, I will for sure send you the email. :)

  3. All right, Authoress de Sade, is there no depth to which you will not sink? ;-P

    I guess I need to get into the eggnog and find my thinking cap....

  4. Since one of my based-on a real person, characters of my novel suddenly walked into my life again, I can't tell you how amazing this season feels! How many people can say their novel came to life one day?

  5. The season totally slows me down, writing wise. I get so much on my plate to do I don't know how to handle it all :P Merry Christmas!

  6. I'm not participating in the challenge, as that goes beyond my meager rhyming abilities. :P

    But as for writerly thoughts on productivity in Dec... er... I'm not that productive. I mostly blame work (retail--enough said) and my computer dying, but eh, I think after NaNo I'm always a bit sluggish and don't do much.

    It's been better the last two days; I wrote a short I'm happy with, rediscovered an old idea I'm refurbishing, and am energized to work on other shorts.

    I think it's fine, though, if people take time off during the month and holidays--it's probably a lot better so you don't have more stress. ;)


  7. hehehe. This'll be fun. I'll probably end up rewriting many christmas songs/carols for my own amusement. The one I deem not-embarrassing will be submitted. :P

  8. Because I have so much else I'm ~supposed~ to be doing, ideas for things to write come thick and fast. I try to jot them down to work on later.

    I celebrate Yule, which is a few days earlier than Christmas. Having those few extra days between my holiday and New Year's Eve is great, because we throw a themed NYE party. This is our 10th annual, and the theme is Camelot, and (not for the first time) I have lured the Muse into doggerel.

    For example (and this goes on five separate signs along the walkway to the front door):

    Through the forest on their quests

    did Arthur's knights adventure hearty

    and we, to all our honored guests

    give this Camelot New Year's party.

    Affirm-a knave.

    I will most definitely share some of my Yule filks next week.

    Blessings. Happy, good, and merry everything!

  9. Far surpasses my abilities at rhyming or Christmas, but shall be fun to read.

  10. I find it hard to really get into things, since I celebrated Christmas last month in a book I'm writing. I feel like I'm doing it all over again with my real family. But the kids are into it, and that makes me happy!

  11. Take time off for Christmas?
    Heaven forbid, never!

    I'll still get up at 4:30 am--before my young children stir in their beds--and hope I don't scare away Santa. Not writing is way more stressful for me than trying to get the turkey cooked in time for dinner. And believe me, it's rarely cooked in time.