Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas Fun #2

The Purrfect Man

By Melody Colleen (drpeugh)

It was just before Christmas and throughout the city

The only one stirring was one busy kitty.

She’d planned many days for a holiday treat.

One special and sweet for her children to eat.

When she knew beyond doubt that her babies were sleeping,

As midnight was striking, she softly went creeping.

Her kitchen was waiting with spicy supplies.

She got right to work on her tasty surprise.

With her apron tied ‘round her she reached for her cookbook.

But finding no recipe turned to her facebook.

She gathered ingredients fresh as new snow

And mixed them together into a stiff dough.

Soon the air came alive with the scents of her baking.

The gingerbread man in the oven was waking.

Bright cinnamon eyes and broad licorice smile

Were getting quite warm on that cooking stone tile.

At the chime of the timer the cat donned her mittens.

With visions of joyful sounds from her kittens

She opened the door to remove the small man

But squeaked in alarm when he jumped from the pan.

“It’s a tasty confection you are, nothing more, sir.

I’ll stop you before you are half to the door, sir.”

He laughed as he shouted, “You’ll never catch me!”

Then tripped on the rolling pin, snapping his knee.

But the cat needn’t worry, her children were ready.

They stalked the small morsel with steps slow and steady.

They gobbled him up from his feet to his head.

Then bathing their faces, returned to their bed.

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