Wednesday, February 11, 2015

First Kiss #6

TITLE: Break
GENRE: contemporary romance

After Declan allows Anna to see a vulnerable side to his life, Anna considers that she hasn’t completely understood him.

Anna studied Declan’s half-lit profile in the firelight, amber glow fading to shadow. One of his hands rested casually against his stomach, the other sat in the space between them, fingers gently curled. His hand was broad and strong, and she reached out, running the tip of her finger along the top of his hand, lightly tracing the length of it to his wrist.

If he was startled by the touch, he didn’t show it, and Anna took her time tracing each of his fingers. As she finished, his hand closed over hers, his head tilting her way. And when she looked up, into his dark sapphire eyes, she finally saw him. She saw his desire and his reluctance; his pain and his optimism; his loyalty and his uncertainty. And she saw his love.

She couldn’t help the ragged intake of breath, and hearing it, Declan pulled her towards him, her hair falling around them. His hands cradled her face and when she bent her forehead to his, he ran his fingers through her hair, pulling her closer.

“Anna.” She felt the tremble of his breath on her face, the rumble in his chest beneath her hands. Her mouth reached for his, just barely brushing his lips, then back again. With his hand still tangled in her hair, he pulled her in. She felt him hesitate, then his lips covered hers with warm tenderness, over and over, soft with emotion so deep tears swelled behind her closed eyes.


  1. *drool*
    *shakes internet*
    Where is the rest of this?!

    Seriously, great. Maybe a tad bit much on the hair falling, pulling, and tangling for me, but that's all I can add and it's me being not-picky.

  2. Well done. I like how you open up with such a strong image (the half-lit profile in firelight, the amber glow). Some nice details and writing throughout.