Monday, February 2, 2015

First Kiss Critique Round Early Info

Okay, my lovelies!  Here are the submission guidelines for next week's FIRST KISS round:

  • Submissions for the FIRST KISS CRITIQUE ROUND will be open from NOON to SIX EST on Monday, February 9.
  • This is a lottery.  The bot will choose 30 entries (and 2 alternates) at random to post on the blog.  
  • Please submit your up-to-250 words excerpt.  The scene should entail THE FIRST KISS or FIRST ALMOST-KISS of your main character and his or her love interest.  
  • IMPORTANT: Please include a brief (up to 25 words) lead-in to set the scene.
  • This is a PG-13 blog.  At my discretion, anything that's too erotic/graphic will be disqualified.
  • Please use THIS WEB FORM to submit your entry.
  • Agented and unagented authors are both welcomed.
  • WIPs are welcomed.  But PLEASE PROOFREAD AND TIGHTEN YOUR EXCERPT before submitting.
  • The 30 entries will post on Wednesday, February 11 for public critique.
Go find your smoochies and have at it!  Ask your questions below.


  1. Do we need to give a one or two sentence explanation prior to the scene?

  2. Oh, Lanette, I'm so glad you said something! Yes, we will need a lead-in. I will add that to the guidelines right now. Thank you!!