Friday, April 10, 2009

Friday Fricassee

Whew! Thank you, thank you, for so many warm words of congratulations yesterday. Whenever I need a boost, I'll just read yesterday's comment box!

A reminder (as if you need it!) that submissions for our next Secret Agent contest will open on Monday the 13th. We're going to try something new with the submissions, and here it is:

  • The FIRST SUBMISSION WINDOW will open at 9:00 AM EDT (1:00 PM London) and will accommodate the first 25 entries, after which it will close.
  • The SECOND SUBMISSION WINDOW will open at 3:00 PM EDT (8:00 PM London) and will accommodate the second 25 entries, after which it will close.
This is, of course, an attempt to make things easier around the globe (because we really are international--isn't that exciting?). I may rue this, but I think it's worth a try. I can't even take credit for the idea because it isn't mine; someone mentioned it in a comment box or in my email as a possible answer to the time zone problem. You know who you are, even if I don't--so the credit goes to you!

And if this drives me batty, I'll have someone else to blame.

Seriously, I hope this will take the pressure off of those of you for whom the earlier time is difficult or impossible to manage.

In other news, I'd like to invite you all to my ! Our own has graciously interviewed me on her blog. Do stop by!

Finally, dance with me that I've topped 20,000 words this week in my WIP (the YA Dystopian), which feels like a whole lot in not a whole lot of time. I'm still doggedly sticking to my 1000 words per day, Monday through Friday. I had a rough day or two this week--why is writing sometimes so painful? But I'm feeling oh so productive.

Share your own triumphs, big and small, in the box! And post your Secret Agent questions there, too.

Have a beautiful weekend!


  1. Authoress, your interview is up on my blog! You can see it here

    Thank you, once again!

  2. I came over after reading the interview. You are so charming and interesting. But then, I am a fan of 'snarkism'!

  3. Wow 20,000 words! Erase a couple of zeros and you have my total word count for the week. Of course if you count my comments here and the Query Tracker Blog, my word count would be way higher. Hmmm...maybe it's time to focus on my novel and less on my comments. :D

    Great idea about the split time for the SA contest. Kudos to whoever thought it up. And Kudos to you, Authoress, for giving it a try.

  4. Congrats on 20,000 words. I'm impressed with your dedication - and determination. Are you findin that you've created a habit - one that will be hard to break? Don't THEY (never know who they are) that if you do something for 3 months straight, it becomes a habit - ingrained and hard to break?

    And congrats on the Writers Digest Award:)

  5. I read your interview with Michelle and thought I needed to spend a while getting to know you. Congrats on the WD 101 best! That's quite an honor! Now that my wip is getting closer to the polished stage, I'm going to have to follow your contests. They sound great.

  6. Authoress, have you read The Female Brain by Louann Brizendine? Might help you with those rough days.

    You know what I wish we could do for the SA contests? Enter our 250 to the community, get feedback, revise, then have the SA judge. Yes, essentially double your work load ;-). But your way is good, too! :-)

  7. Congrats on hitting 20K. I have to admit (a bit shame-faced) that I don't have your e-book yet, so I am headed right now to pick it up. Great interview as well. Its no joke that your blog has helped me immensely.

  8. My own triumph: I think my entry is now to my liking. I have all I want in my 250 words and it is now oh so much stronger. :) Now to apply my same methods all over the rest of the ms.

    Now to wait....

  9. Congratulations on hitting 20K! My accomplishment is that I've written every night since 3/31. Some nights were better than others, but words are words. =o)

    Oh, and what's the genre for this SA contest? (If I missed it somewhere, forgive me. With all the writing, my brain is toast.)

  10. Thank you for changing the contest opening times.

    Now I'm able to submit, just hope I'm one of the 50. lol

  11. Authoress, I have a question about the SA contest: I know unusual formatting is a pain; how do you feel about italics? Should I write in html format or do you add italics later? (or neither ;-))