Monday, April 13, 2009

Submissions Are Now Open: Part I

Submissions are officially open. The first 25 submissions received will be accepted. Please keep your eye on the blog for the close of this submission window.

The guidelines:

1. Please submit the first 250 words of your COMPLETED NOVEL to facelesswords(at)

2. Submissions must be received IN THE FOLLOWING FORMAT:

Screen Name (PLEASE list this first, as it's easier to swipe the text below without including it)

(Please -- no bold, underlines, or strange fonts.)

(Also -- please, NO CENTER-JUSTIFYING!)

*Submission in a normal font (NOT Courier, Comic, or anything that is outside the realm of normal in the publishing world), 250 words (your first page)

3. This month's contest will include the following genres:

  • Young Adult and Middle Grade Fiction, both commercial and literary
  • Women's Fiction

If your novel does not fall within one of these genres, please do not enter.

4. Entries will be limited to THE FIRST 25 SUBMISSIONS. Period. The second submission window will open at 3:00 PM EDT (8:00 PM London). Please check the blog for notification that the submission maximum has been reached.

5. All submissions will receive a confirmation email containing your post number. If you do not receive a confirmation email, I did not receive your submission. (Please note: I do not use an auto-responder. It may be a few hours before you receive your confirmation.)

6. I LOVE your personal notes -- I really do. But please refrain from sending a "thank you" email after I've sent your post number.

7. NO ATTACHMENTS. Please send your submission in the body of your email.

8. By entering this contest, you are agreeing to the public posting and critiquing of your work.

9. If you are chosen as a winner of this contest, you will agree to the terms of the prize as laid out by our Secret Agent, or your prize will be subject to forfeiture.

Okay, have at it!


  1. I sent mine in! Thank you for holding this contest. It is such an amazing opportunity. I'm so excited to see what others have written and make comments and see what others think of what I've written.

    Thanks again!

    P.S. I even got up early (before my set alarm) on my sleep in day to do this, I'm so excited!

  2. And the fun begins!

    Good luck everyone. Can't wait to read all the submissions.

  3. I'm embarrassed to say how hard my heart was thudding just now sending in my submission. :) I kept refreshing the page, and the moment I saw there was a newer post I clicked over to my gmail tab and pressed send. Gee, just slightly obsessed! I think my hand was even shaking....

  4. Alps,

    Me, too. Wasn't that crazy!
    I even sent a test post at 8:07, just to make sure my computer was behaving this morning.

    Good luck to everyone!

  5. Yikes, I made the unfortunate error in judgement and actually read the post to make sure I wasn't missing any new information. So maybe I didn't get mine out in time :-)

  6. Whew, crisis averted... I'm in. Looking forward to it.

  7. Well, that's disappointing. I sent mine at 9:01 AM according to Gmail and didn't make it. :( Next round of submissions, here I come.

  8. Hee hee, Alps and Jdcoughlin. Me too. And I'm not even entering. :D

  9. Alps, you're killing me! Shaking hands? Oh, dear. I wish I could offer you a brownie or something.

    Oh, wait. I guess what you REALLY want is to enter the contest. =)

    I wish I could accommodate everyone; I really do!

  10. Jean...I know! I can't BELIEVE how many submissions came through right at the top of the hour. It's definitely a record! There are a lot of "9:01's" who didn't make it!

  11. Authoress, I'll ALWAYS take a brownie. Contest or no contest!

  12. One of the reasons I was a little neurotic about getting this submitted right away AND reading the directions properly, was I messed up a submission to THE Miss Snark, for her very last crapometer. So I was never able to get to taste her sweet snarkiness on any of my writing.

  13. Does Romance count as women's fiction? I really think it should.

  14. No, romance is not the same as women's fiction. I've just researched that for you. =)

  15. I think I know who the SA is, but I'm not telling. Hope it isn't who I think it is, because she's already rejected my partial (before the massive rewrites). I need new blood ;)

    So, Authoress, have you commiserated with ElanaL yet? She's been having a very busy day with the QT contest. I sent both of you some virtual Dove chocolates. Hope you enjoy them. :D