Wednesday, April 29, 2009

When An Author Gets "The Call"

In the midst of the critiquing, I wanted to pass along this BLOG POST by agent Rachelle Gardner about "The Call" from an agent's perspective.

Rachelle's blog is always well written and thoughtful. Today's post is especially insightful for those of us waiting for the ever elusive "Call" in our own lives.

Share your impressions here!


  1. Wonderful post and (even better) wonderful blog. Thanks!

  2. Dear Authoress, Thanks for leading us to this insightful post!

  3. It was timely for a friend of mine (yes, there really is a friend) who didn't get The Call, but received two rejections on her full. It lifed her spirits slightly when she read Rachelle's comments about why a writer might not get The Call and why they receive only a form rejection.

    Thank Authoress for pointing out the post.