Monday, April 13, 2009


So the first round of submissions filled up in 1 minute.

Yes, 1 minute!

In fact, 24 of the entries were time-stamped at precisely 9:00 EDT. The 25th was time-stamped at 9:01.

At least those of you who didn't make it in can try again later!

And please...PLEASE...don't jump the gun. You absolutely must wait until you see the blog post that says "Submissions Are Now Open." The only way I can tame this beast is to be extremely anal about the submission process.

Don't send early! Your entry will be (sadly) disqualified.

All 25 have received confirmation emails, and the rest of you have received appropriate notification.

We'll do this all over again in a few hours! And I'm going to be craving your feedback afterward, to see if this submission method works for you or not.

Time for more coffee!


  1. Thank you for the confirmation. (Made it or didn't.) I appreciate it.

  2. Whoa, that's insane! A bit different from the last SA contest, eh?

  3. So fun! So when does the first entry go up?

  4. Oh, well I'll try again in the next round.

    I remember when I first submitted to the S.A.contest, there were no problems and only a handful of entries.

    I'm thrilled the blog and contest has become so popular, but 25 entries in one minute, doesn't give many a chance does it.

    Well done to those that made the cut.

  5. Authoress,

    Is it okay for lurkers to comment on the entries? That is, those of us who follow your blog but don't enter (or haven't entered) a contest? Or is it meant only for other entrants and the SA?

  6. WOW! I'll be here to leave comments.

  7. It's like a horse race--exciting.

    So for the lurking newbie, where are the actual entries found? *yes, scratching head--read as real newbie.*

  8. Hi,
    This might be a problem. If you send "the contest is open" out for a popular one like this everybody will immediately email you...but I think your transmission time over the net coupled with the transmission time back from remote areas (to NY) will knock out some people. Did anybody receive this morning's transmission at 1 or 2 minutes after the hour?

  9. Yes, which is why I've also recommended or a similar world clock web site in the past. That way, if there's a lag on your blog, at least you'll know you've got the right time.

  10. LOL! It is now officially harder to submit to you than to an agent. That must mean something, but I'm not sure what...