Monday, April 13, 2009


Okay, that was fast! I just sat down and we're already overfilled.

A whole bunch of you sent them in before the post went live, and those will unfortunately be disqualified for this round. (Please note that it's not about differences in time stamp; either the post was live already or it wasn't. I try extremely hard to be fair and gracious!!)

Sending confirmations now! If you missed this window, remember the next one opens at 3:00 PM EDT.



  1. Will you confirm before the next round, so those of us who didn't make it can try for the second window?

    :) Thanks for doing this!

    Lindsey S

  2. Wow! It took longer for my heart to beat. Boy that was fast!

  3. I am sorry to have been one of those who send theirs early. The problem was that you put a wrong time on your Friday-post (as I found out the hard way 9am EDT is NOT 1pm GMT but 2pm!). I know I should have checked but since this is my first try ever I was too eager (especially since I am having internet problems at the moment, too). Sorry to have caused you too much work. I'll double check next time.

  4. No apology necessary -- it's all part of running the contest!

    Yes, you're right, I did have the wrong London time, and I'm surprised no one called me on it! In future, it's best to always go by New York time, as that's what I base everything on. I sometimes include the London time as a courtesy but it's not very courteous if I get it wrong! Sorry about that.

  5. Oh, and I should have added this: Ultimately, what you really need to do is wait for the Call to be posted, as that's the official start to every contest. Once the post is up, you're good to go!

  6. Is "ack!" an appropriate comment from me - i also jumped the gun, sort of. I asked a friend to send at 9:00 or 3:00 since I was out of town until tonight and she jumped the gun by quite a bit! Sorry about that. Also, I didn't realize about waiting for the post notice. Next time. With this popularity (I'm not sure which genre or both got so many quick responses), perhaps the same topics will be an option again soon? Thanks, Authoress! Looking forward to reading those who got in - congratulations to all of you.