Wednesday, April 13, 2011

And the SA fun begins!

Another iteration of critting etiquette for our illustrious newbs:

  • Please sign into the comments using the Name/URL option. Choose an identifiable screen name.  (There is no need to choose the "anonymous" option.  You can use a screen name that isn't your real name.)
  • Good critique = honesty plus kindness
  • Entrants, please critique a minimum of 5 other entries in the contest.
And may I just say?  Please don't enter contests from your iPhone. Not ever. Not ever, ever, ever. Or I will write your name on bits of paper, utter curses, and throw them into a fire of human hair and dung beetle.

Okay, probably not.  But seriously.  Guess what iPhones like to do with your entries?



Over and over again.  At each carriage return.  Between each sentence.  Over and over.  And over.

And guess who has to go through and delete each cute little group of characters.

Really, it's not your fault.  (If Mr. A catches me dissing iPhones, he will have me hung for treason.)  It's crazy how fairly awesome technology messes with words, that's all.

(Please don't apologize if you DID send your entry from an iPhone. I'm not really upset. I just needed a bit of therapy before starting my day.  I'm okay now.  Really.)

Let the fun begin!


  1. Okay, I've never critted a piece in my life (apart from in my head, which probably doesn't count:)). Is it okay just to say what I liked or disliked and why? I'm not sure I'm 'qualified' enough just yet to comment on specific styles and techniques of writing.

    Regardless, I'm so excited to get involved in this and really looking forward to reading the pages.

    Good luck to all the entrants.

  2. Yep, Sarah! The basic gist of SA contests is "Are you hooked?" So saying whether or not you're hooked and why is very helpful. No "qualification" necessary! :)

  3. Hi there! Not sure if I'm doing this right. But I would love to participate! - Rena

  4. These never get any less exciting! And I bet an Andriod phone wouldn't do that. ;)

  5. Yes!! My entry made it. I sent it in a couple times because I didn't get a confirmation email.... My own fault I suppose for using Hotmail instead of google. Sorry if it caused any problems, but I am excited to see what people say and start critiquing. :)

  6. Oh my, this is difficult! There is a temptation to just skip the ones that don't hook me and concentrate on the ones that do, but I know we need to know what our readers don't like, perhaps more so than what they do. (Wow that was a wordy sentence).

    Taking a break for dinner then back to pick another 10 at random :)

  7. I like to know what's not working. I totally get what Sarah is saying. : ) Giving a critique is an art form in and of itself (which is the weirdest phrase ever).