Thursday, April 14, 2011

Happy Little Side Trips

I'm feeling much too loquacious to sit back silently while you critique. So here are a few fun clicks for those of you who thrive on distraction.  Or just like to read things.

1. My adorable agent is now blogging at Hey, There's a Dead Guy In The Living Room. For those of you who are inclined to stalk agents whenever possible (you know I encourage this, in a non-creepy context), have at it. Josh's first post is a wonderful slice-of-life piece that displays his ability to share his early morning hours equally with work and fatherhood.

2. My adorable friend, crit partner, and fabulous author Jodi Meadows blogged about me yesterday. Just because I asked her to. (Okay. I was totally kidding. But she was desperate for blog content.) Almost everything she says is true. And she will love you for forever (or at least for a while) if you leave a comment.

3. Installment 4 of The Basics is up on the teen blog: Too Many Modifiers. Gettin' my grammar geek on. (What a great excuse to run a teen blog, yes?)

Enjoy! And keep those great crits coming.


  1. Those mitts and that agent?...cute :)

  2. Too Many Modifiers is a keeper. Thanks for the link.