Wednesday, November 3, 2010

And while you're busy critting:

Two things.

1. I totally forgot to share this link with you last Friday. The delightful Holly Bodger has posted A SECOND INSTALLMENT of thoughts on the logline critiques. She has tirelessly critiqued every entry so far, and I expect we'll see her around today, too.

2. Steena Holmes has been hosting a LOGLINE BLOGFEST this week, and she says it's still not too late to join in! This is for all of you who were unable to squeak into one of our critique sessions and would like to get (and give!) feedback. (Thank you, Steena!)

Okie dokie. Back to the critting!


  1. Awesome! Thank you Holly (and all)! Learning so much already about how to improve my logline :)

  2. Thanks for posting the link . . . again. I'm in the process of working on my logline (and query) for a project.

    Also, this is definitely helping as I crit some of the loglines. Great info!


  3. Thanks for the link to Holly's post!

  4. Steena's blogfest totally rocks. Someone who had read my novel ended up rewriting my two line sentence after seeing the post. It's much better now . . . at least according to those who participated in the blogfest. They didn't like the one I came up with from last week.

  5. Although Holly's logline formula is very comprehensive and awesome, I've had a really tough time applying it both to my own work and to many of the kid's lit books that I enjoy. Winn Dixie, Bridge to Terebithia, Mockingbird, Speak -all seem to have internally driven characters without a set external goal and consequences. Interestingly, I just noticed they are all about closure and the struggle to get there. But how would you frame a logline? Hoping for some discussion.

  6. ps - thanks Authoress such a great exercise!!