Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Okay. I've Finally Done It.

I've added a donate button.

So if you ever feel like you want to see me a lifetime supply of organic cashews, but you're frustrated because I'm, yanno, anonymous, you can click the donate button instead.

I run the blog because I LOVE it. And I LOVE YOU.

Not gonna charge for stuff. Not gonna pretend there's a price tag. Because...there isn't.

But yeah, it's a lot of time. And I'm feeling it right now.

And if people start to feel annoyed by the donate button, it'll come down.

I've been encouraged by more than one person to give it a try. So I am. And no, I'm not REALLY planning on earmarking blog funds for cashews.

I mean, not REALLY.


You've been so amazing throughout this Baker's Dozen journey. Do you know, not a single person has yelled at me? Not one! Knowing the caliber of this community, I'm not surprised. But when you think about your average, public, entitlement-riddled groups of people, it IS surprising.

You are in a classy minority, to be sure.

Thanks for being here. And thanks for making me feel safe enough to even think about putting a donate button on my blog. Because it makes me a bit...squirmy.

That's that. Back to your regularly scheduled writing!

ETA: I've removed the button for the duration of the submissions process.  It's probably a good idea to not let anyone get the idea that donations would in any way affect submissions.  They wouldn't; but I've removed the button, anyway. *smile*


  1. Personally? I think it's about damn time. I've benefitted from this blog in SO many ways. It helped me retire a book I wasn't willing to give up...and continue working on one that changed my life.

    I can only imagine the work that goes into this and your contests.

    I'm going to put my money where my mouth is...hope others do, too! :)

  2. Yeah, I am SO glad you did this (the donate button). Leave it up!

  3. I love it! I mean, I've spend 50 or so dollars on query books and editing guides that have given half the amazing information I've found on this blog. Please take my humble donation. Sorry that pay pal does not accept godiva covered cashews and wine as acceptable payment! Maybe we should write a letter suggesting that?

  4. You're worth every, cashew! Thanks for your energy and time and well, just thanks for being a voice of light in a the struggling writer's gloom :)

  5. You can only eat so many cashews. My donation is for wine.

  6. Good for you. I'm new, but you should not be ashamed or squirmy about letting people thank you for a great service to your community. And that's all that button is -- a thank you button. I think I'll go click it!

  7. Are we talking about chocolate-covered cashews?

    Just checking -- these things are important! :)

  8. I agree with Beth, its about time you added this button. This site has proved invaluable to me.

    But, your timing is a bit off.
    **evil grin**

  9. Done. I'm a long-term lurker. I don't think I've commented once, for which I am ashamed. Donating is the least I can do to support you in keeping up this invaluable community.

  10. I've used this blog so much over the past couple of years, learned so much, received so many comments on my work that it's worth every penny of my donation!

  11. Ditto a hundred times over. I agree it would be so much better if it dispensed chocolate or fondue, but in lieu of that...


  12. This is also my first post, although I've lurked a good bit. This site is invaluable. I hope what I sent helps and thank you for all that you've done!

  13. I'm sitting here crying, you guys.

    I don't have words.

  14. Now, lookie here, Authoress. I hit the donate button for cashews not kleenex.

    **sniff, sniff**
    dangit, nowyougotmedoingit.

  15. Squirm because of a donate button? It's about time you let us share in the giving kharma. (Is there such a thing? If not, there should be.)

    I'm grinning because I think it's a great idea.

  16. You are worth a million times more than I can donate, Authoress, but you leave that button up and I will hit it more than once. You have been wildly generous, and we love you!

    And another thing: I think you ought to be entering these contests...we want you to! (I already know everybody agrees with that one.)


  17. It's about darn time!

    Seriously, this site is amazing- definitely one of the best writing sites out there. I can't even fathom how much time you spend on the contests- you deserve every penny donated! And don't you dare think of taking it down!

  18. Authoress, I think adding the donate button is perfectly acceptable, because, you know, it's your blog and it's not like you're forcing anyone to click. However, I do wonder a little at the timing. I mean, for the first time ever, you're actually making judgment calls about which submissions will be part of a contest and not just leaving it on a first come, first served basis.

    I'm sure you wouldn't dream of letting these donations influence your decisions (especially since you probably don't even know who's donating and who's not), but I can't help but wonder if others will interpret it that way and donate - or not donate - accordingly.

  19. Authoress...I wouldn't squirm about the choice you are making. Some people will love it and appreciate the chance to say thank you; some people will be squirmy. No one can make people happy all of the time. Not even God.

    So...think of this as that first dip into the business side of writing. The first time I thought of charging for a production of my play made me feel icky, too.

    You work hard. There are definitely costs involved that have come out of your pocket. And you spend a LOT of time doing this.

    You deserve to be paid for doing good work.

  20. I was sent over here by Kate

    A Donate button seems entirely reasonable to me. People don't have to click on it if they don't want to, but it gives people the chance to say "thank you".

    Great idea!

  21. Krista, thank you; I've already decided to take it down during submissions.

    You're all giving me so much affirmation and encouragement that I'm a little overwhelmed. I think I need to work on this "receiving" thing a little. o.o

  22. Okay, that explains it. Whew. I thought I was going crazy...could not find that Donate button anywhere.

    I will donate after submissions because I'm also very grateful for all you do. Thank you.

  23. You clearly put blood, sweat and tears into this blog and you've helped countless people.

    Don't feel 'squirmy' about a donate button. You are deeply appreciated and I'm glad to show it with a donation of cashews ... uh, wine ... er, money. Oh, hell ...whatever makes your day better! *big grin*

  24. HI Authoress,

    You do diserve recognition for your all your fine work. We all like to show our appreciation...

    I submitted at exactly at 12:00. I do know that hundreds of us are trying to get through, however I have had problems with the bot. I never get an acceptance email. The last two times I entered I was thrilled to get in, but I never received confirmation. You were kind enough to check for me the last time and I would appreciate it if you check again for me. I don't want to try again at 6:00 and possibly take a chance away from someone else if I was lucky enough to get through again.

    Here is my email: mculi (at) aol (dot) com

    Thank you so much


  25. I also had a problem, I sent mine in and I got accepted with post number 83, but then received another email saying "your entry has been disqualified for the following reason: You are only allowed 1 submission to this contest."

    I think I sent it twice by mistake. Does this still make me disqualified, or is it rejecting the the accidental reentry?

    I'm sorry if I caused a problem. I didn't mean too.

  26. No problem caused. The bot will always reject subsequent entries because you're only allowed 1. Your first one counts.

  27. Absolutely, I will donate when you put the button back up. You offer a huge benefit to the writing community. :)

  28. The donation button is an excellent idea! Especially since I wasn't sure where to find those high-end ferrets. (Neiman Marcus catalogue, perhaps? Tiffany's?)

    I can already feel the tension mounting for the last YA submission. Good luck to all of you!

  29. Donate button a great idea! The help you have offered, the unique contests...

    unrelated issue, unfortunately you will have to move Nathan B's blog from the agent list! Perhaps related...this blog would look great on a resume, wouldn't it?