Friday, July 25, 2008

Friday Fricassee

Ahhhh, Friday.

I want to start this week's fricassee by extending a HUGE PUBLIC THANK-YOU to the folks at Critique Circle: First, to those of you who helped spread the word about our Secret Agent contest; second, to those of you who expended a whole lot of time and energy critting entries.

I am grateful! And I hope that many of you will stick around. The quality -- both in writing and in personal character -- coming out of your collective gene pool is rather high.

(If I'm wrong, let me remain delusional. I'm still on a high from the huge success of our contest.)

I also want to thank those of you who have given feedback on the submission window, comment boxes, genre-specific-or-not, etc., concerning our next Are You Hooked? contest. I want subsequent contests to be as helpful and satisfying as this one seems to have been.

One of my gracious readers has expressed chagrin over the "no more PB" choice I've made. Thing is, picture books are their own ball of proverbial wax, and unless our current Secret Agent reps them (and most agents don't), there sadly will not be a place for them in our contests.

Of course, when we do our "in house" writing exercises, all genres will be warmly welcomed (except those to which I've already said nay).

So, what's next?

Well, the coming week will bring an in house writing game-thingie along the lines of Talkin' Heads; I haven't quite decided. Do be ready to submit and crit, though! We're going to stay sharp until the next Secret Agent contest.

(Yeah, "game-thingie." I couldn't possibly be more specific.)

I've also got an incredible author interview lined up for next week. This is something I'm really excited about!

Finally, a big ol' friendly wave to all my new subscribers and I-keep-coming-here-by-Googling-you regular readers. Average daily visitors to Miss Snark's First Victim have more than tripled in the past week, and I'm delighted to have you.

And now I'm off to forage some lunch. One day, when I'm rich and famous, I'm going to hire someone to prepare a gourmet lunch for me every day. And clean up afterward. And maybe even massage my feet before she leaves.



  1. Ready and waiting as always. %-)

    And, wow... I just totally blanked on what I was going to say. :o lol

    Well... I look forward to the interview and more posts. :D


  2. I'm one of the contest participants who heard about it through Critique Circle, so thanks for all of the awesome comments about us. :)

    I can't wait to join the regular blog writing game next week. I'll be keeping a watch on when to submit and start critiquing. Sounds like fun!

    And now I need to go subscribe to this blog and bookmark it somewhere. I keep Googling it or hunting down the link on Critique Circle. *grins*

  3. hehe. I love Critique Circle and everyone on it. :)
    Yay fellow CCers!

  4. CC is making it's bid for world domination. Evil Authors unite!

    If you come from "elsewhere" you should check us out. %-)

    I too look forward to trying another contest. Don't know how you find the time for all this, Authoress, but we're sure enjoying.

    --The D.O.

  5. Shh! Ardyth don't tell her that!

    CC? What's CC? Don't I get a lawyer???


    he he he... actually the CC'rs are a very fun group, and very excited to meet other authors and generally attack en masse wherever we wind up. What can I say? We're a group of very extroverted people (most of us...) who like to write, talk about writing, and be around other people who understand why sometimes a character just won't behave!

    The contest was very fun. I'm looking forward to whatever you have planned next. And an author interview. My my my... you do have amazing networking skills, don't you?

  6. Whoohoo! Go CC! We rulle!!!!! (well,a little :D)

    Yup - author interview - exciting!

  7. *waves* Another CCer here :D I do plan to visit regularly - but that will become a lot easier once I have a regular computer on which to store my bookmarks again :S