Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Logline Critique Round #5

TITLE: Middledom
GENRE: MG Fantasy

When Princess Violet, pushed out of the limelight by her more glamorous sisters, overhears a Fairy Godmother declaring middle princesses tend to fade out of the story, she sets about to do something famously heroic to keep from dwindling away.


  1. This is cute, but we need more specifics especially about the "dwindling away" and why she must avoid this. Also, is there a timeline (does she have to do this before something else happens to make her dwindle)?

    Good luck!

  2. I love the premise! Think it would read more easily if broken into 2 sentences/thoughts.

  3. Great title! What's the famously heroic something? And what/who will try to stop her? Will her sisters help or hinder? Is the dwindling like a curse? Does she turn small like a fairy? Also, will she have a greater arc then "I'm important too!" What does she learn on her quest? Sounds intriguing. Cheers!