Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Drop the Needles Wins!

And I guess I need to clarify for those of you to whom this may be new: I always ask for a lead-in when we do any crit round that drops us into the middle of a story.  So don't worry about that; it'll be added to the maximum word count.

Anyway, well over half of the votes went to Drop the Needle, so that was a no-brainer.  Rest assured we'll do the others again soon!

I'll post guidelines in a little while.  Drop the Needles always have a specific focus, which will help you pick something out of your manuscript.  So I've got to give that some thought first.  Submissions will open later today.  I will take 25 entries.  (I know this number has lowered.  I've had to make these in-house crits a bit more manageable.  Hopefully this will lead to more frequent rounds.  Secret Agent contests will remain at 50, always.)

Okay, I'll get back to you!


  1. Question: If we enter this contest, does it exclude us from entering the next secret agent contest? I know you can only enter one secret agent contest within a 6 month period.

  2. Is this going to have a really strong YA slant, as well?

  3. Anon -- No, it will not exclude you. In-house crits are a separate monkey. :)

    Marian -- There is no way I could possibly know that, since the bot accepts the entries in the order in which they are received.