Friday, March 4, 2011

Friday Fricassee

Happy Date-with-too-many-silly-jokes-attached-to-it!

So it's been a good crit week, and we have next week to look forward to as well.  Our Secret Agent contest is falling a little later this month, so we have the time to enjoy the in-house stuff for a while.

Other stuff:
  • Tonight is our first TEEN AGENT CHAT in the Write On! Forums.  No, you're not invited; it's for teens.  (Yes, I love you. You know I do. But this is a chance for the teens among us to ask THEIR questions.)  Kathleen Ortiz will be joining us, with our own Lizzy at the helm. TELL YOUR FAVORITE AUTHORLY TEENS ABOUT IT!  The chat will run 8-9 PM EST.
  • I'm getting ready to launch a TWITTER CONTEST with lots of cool prizes from our AGENT SUCCESS STORY AUTHORS.  As soon as I reach 2000 followers, the contest will launch.  I'm awfully close!  So if you're not already following me on Twitter, please direct your cursor to the sidebar and follow me now.
  • And actually?  Aside from the silly jokes, today is NATIONAL GRAMMAR DAY.  How cool is that?  Okay, not too.  But I adore grammar, so I'm allowed to be slightly geeked.
And that's it for the week.  I'm close to finishing my WIP (close, of course, being a relative term, since 71K words could mean 1 more week of writing or 2 more months of writing, depending on how things flesh out) and am hoping for productive weekend.  Well, relaxing, too.  I've been too work-oriented and I need to scale back.  Take time to smell whatever brave little spring flowers decide to poke their faces through the winter-dead ground.

I hope you'll do the same!  (Unless, of course, you're in the Other Hemisphere, in which case there are plenty of flowers at your disposal already.)