Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday Fricasee

So I've realized there are a lot of new readers/participators here, which is something that seems to escape me.  I tend to think about this community as a static entity--My Blog Family, as it were.  And of course, no online community is static.  People leave, people arrive.  People send expensive chocolate.

(Well, nobody's actually done that.)*

Anyway, allow me to correct my error and WARMLY WELCOME everyone who has recently arrived.  I imagine that the weight of the archives may prove ponderous, and at some point I may have to do something about that.  For now, your best best is to check out "Authoress" and "Crits and Contests" and "FAQ" above.  The Success Stories are on hold because, frankly, I just haven't had the time to compile them into a readable order.

Perhaps a few bullet points are in order:

  • Concerning critiques and contests:  All entries are posted anonymously out of respect for the authors.  It is admittedly easier to put our work in a public forum without attaching our name.  Some of you wouldn't mind; some of you would rather ingest termite sticks than let people know an excerpt is yours.  In any case, I want you all to know that your identity will never be attached to your work unless you attach it yourself.
  • If your work is posted here, you are (strongly) encouraged to critique a minimum of 5 other entries.  I believe in "give and take" and not "take and take."
  • Almost every question you could think of is answered somewhere on the blog.  When I post submission guidelines, read them carefully, as they contain all the information you will need for submitting.  HOWEVER: Don't hesitate to email me if you're confused about something.  Also if you notice an error in your entry in a contest/critique.  Because I will always--ALWAYS--fix formatting errors.  We all want our work to look pretty.
  • The DONATE button to the right is voluntary.  I do pay a nominal monthly hosting fee for the automated submission system that Michael Wulf has so graciously created for me (and is still working to perfect--this guy is amazing).  Among other things. So aside from simply receiving your gifts as a "thank you," there are actually things for which I have to pay, and your generosity makes it easier.  
  • If you haven't subscribed to the blog, I suggest a feed instead of email.  The email subscription brings the latest posts directly to your inbox, but if it's time-sensitive, like an off-the-cuff call for submissions, you'll miss it, because the emails goes out only once a day.  Also, I think you'll benefit more from being an active part of the community that happens in the comment boxes here.  I often receive emails that are meant to be comments because email subscribers have hit "reply" instead of clicking over to the blog.  In short--I'd like you to take your seat at the party!
Let today's comment box be a free-for-all for any questions from newbies AND oldies!  I'm sure there are things I simply haven't thought of, or that I've answered before but you feel need to be more prominently displayed.  I want this blog to be first-time-user-friendly, and I know you can help me accomplish that.

I may strive to be highly organized, but there's way too much scatter in my brain.  Amazing I can throw together a novel at all.

(Meh.  "Throw."  Totally wrong word.)

Have a joyous weekend!

* To be perfectly honest, I did receive expensive chocolates from someone when I signed with Josh.  Champagne truffles, actually.  But then, they came from one of my dearly beloved writing buddies/crit partners.  Not a random writerly person.  (There. I feel better now.)


  1. SMOOCH!!! You deserve all of the champagne truffles in the world!

  2. I'd like to think that it was my tweeting that brought new people aboard, but it'd also like to think that I would look cool with blue hair so let's just disregard any of my thoughts this morning. It's awesome to see a blog grow, isn't it? Super exciting!

  3. Sounds like you're going to need more help soon.
    I've been lurking for about 8 months now and have enjoyed reading every now and then.
    Thank you sincerely for all you do. This might be "just a blog" but it does so much for us writers.

  4. Is that really you over there...the lady in the red hat? :)

  5. Comment: I've really enjoyed this blog for a while and I appreciate your hard work. Dang, Girl! You can multi-task like none other! IDK how you do it all.
    Question: I think I must've signed up using the e-mail option, and I don't know how to do the feed thing (some people are just not internet savvy). Where would a blog-challenged person like myself find out how to become a "feeder" instead of an "e-mailer"?
    Thanks :-)

  6. Marne --

    See in the side bar where it says "RSS Feed"? (Right under my Writer's Digest award)? Click on it. You'll go to a page where it asks you to choose your reader. Google is the most popular. My blog posts will then show up on your Google home page. Or choose whichever other reader you'd like. :)

  7. Thanks for addressing us newbies. I'm not the sharpest crayon in the box (har har), so I'm sure I'll lots of ignorant questions later, especially with your crazy contests. :D

  8. I've done more lurking than participating lately - life is more than a bit chaotic - just wanted to tell the newbies this site is well worth every single moment you spend on it! And to say thanks to you for all that you do :)

  9. Authoress, I'm new to the site. I found it a couple of months ago and now check it daily and get the email. The feed didn't work for me. You're right about the archives, but please don't take them down. I've been reading them and enjoying them! I also appreciate the lists to the right. They've been so helpful as I've been on the agent hunt. Sending you virtual chocolate. Sure, it's not as tasty. But then, it's also calorie free! Thanks again for all you do for writers, published and aspiring. Oh, and I can't wait to try to get into a secret agent contest! Those look incredible.

  10. Thanks! :) This is an awesome blog!

  11. Hi Stephanie!

    No, I'm not planning on taking them down. I meant I should organize them in some better way, for easier perusing.

    Welcome to the blog!

  12. Maybe if we knew who you were we could send expensive chocolate :-)

  13. Heh. I will gratefully accept anonymous online gift certificates for exclusive chocolatiers. :D

  14. I'm new to the site as well, only having found your blog just in time to enter the February Secret Agent contest and have been addicted ever since! You've made an amazing resource and community here.

    I actually found your blog via Corinne Duyvis's blog (she had the Always Read the Fae Print entry in your January SA contest that was redacted due to an offer of representation). There's just no substitute for good old fashioned word of mouth when it comes to marketing.

  15. I don't remember how I first stumbled on this site. I mostly lurked for months before I started to post and participate. One thing I do know is that my ability to critique the writing of others as well as my own writing has improved dramatically because of this blog.

  16. A fellow member of the Absolute Write website gave me this site to stalk & I can honestly say it's been the best stalking time I've spent! I have a few that I LOVE to stalk & you're in the top 5 most certainly! Now that I Twitter (was resistant before & now don't even remember WHY I was....*SIGH*) I can see you're just not another pretty back profile! hee hee! Keep up the good work & thank you for the information for newbies...I still qualify as that & prolly will for quite a while! LOVE this site! I too am sending you virtual calorie & fat free champagne truffles!