Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday Fricassee

You're catching me in a frenzy of WIP-love.  Having broken through, having found my way, I am now in a place of undying affection.

You all know it won't last.  This journey is fraught with ups and downs.  A psychotic elevator.  A haywire bungee.

The proverbial roller coaster.

But OH! Today I am reveling.

I have to tell you what's made the difference (besides the fact that I actually know where I'm going now).  I took one of the "bad guys," who was originally a not very well developed grown-up type, and made him younger.  Much, much younger.  As in, close to the protagonist's age.  Which is 17.

Bingo.  Instant sexual tension.  Because I made him exquisitely handsome, too.  And he's a jerk.  And dangerous.

So, yeah. I'm having WAY too much fun with this.

I'm 3 to 4 chapters away from finishing the draft.  And I've actually got folks clamoring to read it, not the least of which is my dear husband.

Nope.  Not feeling any pressure at all.  Why would you think so?

Anyway, that's the reason for my goofy smile today.  And the reason I'm inclined to blow off everything else and just write.

Can't do that.  But I want to.

In other news, bidding continues on the 3-chapter MG or YA critique I've offered for WRITE HOPE. There are lots of other goodies to bid on, too! I am blown away by the generosity flowing over there.

Also?  We're cooking up a contest to help spread the word about WRITE ON!. And GROWN-UPS ARE INVITED!  So stay tuned.

That's about it.  I think I'll float my way through the rest of the morning, until I can be reunited with my beloved WIP.

I may hate it on Monday.  But I'm enjoying the heady rush of today.


  1. Well, those kinds of highs are worth savoring--so brava for you. I, too, came to an epiphany in my WIP about how to strengthen the subplots. Now, I just need to get to it. The sun is shining, spring is almost springing, and your post reminded me why I write! Grazie!

  2. I love falling in love with a project all over again. I've been working on a semi-massive rewrite of my main WIP (after four agents requested revisions in a two-week span), and I've been loving the changes. It's a great feeling.

  3. I'm back in love with my WiP after a month of not writing anything new while I revised another project. I know it probably won't last, so I'm enjoying it while it does!

    Hope you're doing the same, and have a great weekend.

  4. It's a wonderful feeling isn't it :)

    Thanks so much for helping us spread the word about Write Hope! Can't wait to see what the contest is.



  5. Awesome! Enjoy the awesomeness :)